Digital visitor
Management Systems for
Businesses and Schools

Time has come to get rid of the old fashioned pen and paper and go Digital with our Visitor Management System. DigiGreet not only creates a great first impression it can also do a lot more than the old pen and paper....

How do you scan a Covid Pass, assess the risk from Covid 19 or the need for Track and Trace or Contactless Sign In for people coming onto the premises and coming into contact with your staff? How do you keep track of visitors, staff or contractors on the premises? How do you ensure visitors and contractors are aware of the health and safety procedures ? How do you run a fire safety check? How do you know contractors are qualified and have the correct permits for the job? How do you synchronise with your Paxton door access control system?

These are all things our Digital Visitor Management Systems can help with, its an easy to use cloud based management system that works on any system or hardware .

DigiGreet's Added value!

> Secure work place

> Access Control

> Great First Impressions 

>Higher Security 

>GDPR Compliant 

>Contractor Management -RAMS, Permits 

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