We provide a cloud based visitor management system which tracks visitors, contractors and staff visits allowing you to improve health and safety, parent perception and auditing in a single easy to use system. Time to move away from the traditional paper book... How does it work you ask?

Churnet View Middle School using DigiGreet


Ensure visitors and contractors have seen the health and safety briefing/Policy agreement before signing in. Choose when this expires and when they need to agree again before signing in.

ID Verification

Make sure visitors say who they are, allowing staff to confirm through the system that they have seen visitors ID and it matches the details they have entered into system .

GDPR COmpliant

All data stored within the UK, DigiGreet meets the new EU General Data Protection Regulations. which came into play May 25th 2018!


Fire Safety

Run live evacuation checks using our easy to use fire drill check, making sure you are aware of those who may need assistance in an emergency.

Flexible for you

Give parents the wow factor when they visit, you can also use DigiGreet on multiple devices which can be handy in a busy reception or event day.



Visitor Badges

Print visitor/contractor badges instantly including their photo or just your school logo by using a  supported Brother Label printer.

Which DigiGreet is right for your school?DigiGreet Levels for schools

DigiGreet for Schools!

Our Digital Visitor Management system is great for your school, and comes in three levels depending on your needs, on a pay monthly subscription and allows flexibility on the device you use.  Check out the full list of features, here. 
 Check out our prices here!

The Digital WorldLong Furlong Primary Tweet

Join the 21st Century 

Just like Long Furlong Primary School it's time to remove the old fashioned paper book and come into the digital world of visitor management systems , see more school which DigiGreet have helped by clicking here.