Be safe: inform and educate visitors

Create a great first impression while ensuring school safeguarding with Covid specific questions, test and trace and real time reporting of people on site. Our cloud based school visitor management system packs visitor, contractors and school staff logging, student attendance monitoring and OFSTED auditing in a single easy to use system. Time to move away from the traditional paper book... How does it work you ask?

Churnet View Middle School using DigiGreet

Fire Safety

Run live evacuation checks using our easy to use fire drill check, making sure you are aware of those who may need assistance in an emergency.

Flexible for you

Give parents the wow factor when they visit, you can also use DigiGreet on multiple devices which can be handy in a busy reception or event day.



Visitor Badges

Print visitor/contractor badges instantly including their photo or just your school logo by using a  supported Brother Label printer.

Polices & Safeguarding

Enhance safety of all students and staff members by ensuring visitors and contractors reply to Covid questions, read the safeguarding policy and general code of conduct, before signing in. Choose when this expires and when they need to agree again before signing in.

ID Verification

Make sure visitors say who they are, allowing school staff to confirm through the system that they have seen visitors ID and it matches the details they have entered into system .

GDPR Compliant

All data stored within the UK, DigiGreet meets the new EU General Data Protection Regulations. which came into play May 25th 2018!

DigiGreet Features

Which DigiGreet is right for your school?

This takes you to a comparison chart showing you all the visitor management system features and whether they are in Lite, Pro or Enterprise versions.

 Feature Comparison Table

Prices for Schools!

Our Digital School Visitor Management system is great for your school, and comes in three levels depending on your needs.

You can pay with a monthly subscription or annually and it allows great flexibility on the device you use.
 Check out our prices here!

Long Furlong Tweet about the DigiGreet school visitor management system

Long Furlong Tweet

"We're finally entering the 21st centrury with a new visitor management system - when we come back in September, visitors and contractors will be asked to sign in electronically using @OFEC's DigiGreet system!

Proof it works

We have hundreds of clients just like Long Furlong Primary School who feel it's time to remove the old fashioned paper book and come into the digital world of school visitor management systems , see more schools which DigiGreet have helped by clicking here.

Integration with your current fobsUse your current fobs to sign in with DigiGreet

Already have fobs for door access?

Use the same fobs to sign in and out of our Visitor Management System as we can use and integrate with most contact less technologies, all you need is a USB reader with keyboard output from your supplier.  Paxton are the market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings who we have fully integrated and tested with. Use DigiGreet Connect with Paxton to fully synchronise with DigiGreet.

On enterprise you can also set temporary fobs for Visitors or Contractors who are constantly going to be in and out of the building. If you want to know if your current fobs will work with DigiGreet just get in touch and we can let you know how it will work.

What Clients Say?