Samaritan Panic Button Software

Samaritan is a panic button service which runs on your PC allowing you to request help from colleagues.

This Samaritan feature is a perfect tool to help create a relaxed and supported work environment as colleagues do not feel completely stranded when approached by a client who has let their emotions get the better of them! Once installed, you'll find a little SOS button on your screen which you can move around to find a nice discrete place where it's not in the way. On the occasion you may need help, hopefully not too much, click the button and your colleagues will see your request and confirm they are coming to help.

Samaritan Panic Button Software

How does it work?

Samaritan panic button requestWhen you sign up, we give you a central file which manages the system, and a user file which you copy and give to anyone who'd like to use it. Samaritan should be set to run when the computer starts. Each person using Samaritan then sees the SOS button, they can move the button anywhere on the screen so it's not in the way of what they are doing. When they first get it, they set their name and location so everyone knows where they are.

The manager can change the default text at any time in case they want something more relevant.

So, let's imagine the scenario that Sam is on reception, they are about to tuck into that well-earned doughnut when they look up and see a person standing in front of them looking angry. Sam kicks in the charm offensive which only seems to make matters worse (there's a first for everything) and the person gets more and more angry until steam can be seen and Sam feels another approach might be in order. They click their Samaritan SOS panic button on the screen, put the doughnut into a discrete hiding place and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

Samaritan Panic Button response
All of Sam's colleague see the panic button message so they know Sam's in a spot of bother, Sue in accounts has lightning-fast fingers, she's a whiz on the number pad, and accepts Sam's plea for help. All their colleagues see that Sue is on her way to help, they can help too, but it's useful to know Sue's on the case. Bob also responds, just in case Sue needs a hand (fat chance of that - Sue's the best). Colleagues also see that Bob's on his way so leave it there, don't want to scare anyone...

Sue's a sweetie and before you can say custard cream the steam's condensed, the person's smiling and Sam's got sugar on his jumper, thanks Samaritan, your panic button's amazing.