Visitor Management System for Businesses.

We take pride in providing a personalised, cloud-based visitor management system which monitors: visitors, contractors and staff visits. This allows you to simultaneously create a great first impression whilst reducing reception staff time in a single easy to use system, what a dream! Out with the traditional paper book and Welcome DigiGreet the all-in-one Visitor Management System Solution... How does it work you ask?

contractors signing in with our digital visitor management system
Health and Safety

Health & Safety 

Run live evacuation checks using our easy-to-use fire drill check, making sure you are aware of those who may need assistance in an emergency. In addition, this allows you to make sure visitors agree to safety procedures when signing in.

Health and Safety


Automatic email can be sent to staff when their visitor has arrived on premise, this can also include a photo of them.

Health and Safety

Site Permits 

Ensure high security levels are maintained by making sure contractors have up to date permits which gives them the authority to be on site. Our permit function is perfect for this!

Health and Safety


Are you expecting guests? Why not make signing in on arrival faster and smoother by pre-registering them, this means all the visitor has to do is enter their name and the rest is taken care of. Or simply sending them a link with their meeting to pre-register themselves. 

Health and Safety

Unique for you

Our visitor management system understands how important first impressions are. Therefore, our easy-to-use system ensures that from the moment your visitor walks through the door, they instantly feel at ease with a simple sign in system branded with your logo.

Health and Safety

Visitor Badges

We can print visitor/contractor badges instantly, including their photo, using a Brother Label printer connected to the chosen DigiGreet device.

Find the level for you!

Our Digital Visitor Management system is fully GDPR compliant, and comes in three levels depending which features best suit your business or school's needs.

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Use your current fobs to sign in with DigiGreet

Already have fobs for door access?

Our visitor Management System works with most contactless technologies, all you need is a USB reader with a keyboard output from your supplier. Our partner Paxton is the market leading: IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings. Use DigiGreet Connect with Paxton to fully synchronise with DigiGreet. If you want to know if your current fobs will work with DigiGreet, simply get in touch and we can guide you through how it will work.

Another feature enterprise offers is the ability to allow fobs access to certain doors for a certain time period, this can be a really helpful safety measure if you have someone coming to work on the site for only a day or a few hours. This also helps to prevent security breaches on restricted areas of your site, meaning you can go home and enjoy that tea tree oil infused face mask you've been anxiously waiting to try and not think twice!

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See our case study on Youngs to see how DigiGreet can work in food manufacturing


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Phil Barrett
Sofina Head of Facilities and Data Protection