The Story of Young’s Seafood – Masters of Fish

Young’s are one of the biggest specialist seafood brands in the UK. Founded in 1805, they are a household name in most supermarkets producing branded and retailer own label products.
With multiple specialist sites across the UK, it was an exciting challenge to work with Youngs Seafood as part of the DigiGreet food manufacturing portfolio.

As with all food manufacturing, health and safety is of paramount importance. Knowing that everyone on site is aware of all the necessary requirements, best practices, and site rules, is essential to maintaining Young’s very high standards.
Having the ability to control what information is given to which person and at what frequency ensures people are briefed correctly, and that the information can be updated as required. This is more than just ticking a health and safety box but really influences behaviour on the ground.
After carrying out a market analysis, DigiGreet was the visitor management system which most closely fitted Young’s requirements.

    We're the best visitor management system but see for yourself
    We're the best visitor management system but see for yourself
    We're the best visitor management system but see for yourself

Why Young’s Seafood Chose DigiGreet

DigiGreet was the only system to meet these challenges. In addition, being able to Centralise the solution and apply common processes and application was really important to Youngs – as it was to be able to change the process via their own admin panel in DigiGreet.

How Young’s Seafood Used DigiGreet

Young’s started with their head office in Grimsby to prove the concept and establish that the benefits expected were achievable. This included making sure the actual relationship, including DigiGreet’s responsiveness to questions, requirements, and day to day running, matched, and possibly even exceeded expectations.

"Really great service again"

Phil Barrett
Sofina Head of Facilities and Data Protection


DigiGreet now looks after all of Young’s UK operational sites.

The Results

Seafood manufacturing is an industry that cannot afford to take chances with security or health and safety. DigiGreet was a logical choice for Young’s due to its capabilities as a visitor management system, being able to address all of the client’s requirements.
Through implementing DigiGreet, Young’s was able to better manage people on site, there was a clear improvement, with DigiGreet’s comprehensive site information, of site rules and health and safety, allowing us to meet our technical standards whilst simultaneously improving the experience of people coming to site and providing available data across their full estate.

DigiGreet’s ongoing relationship with Young’s Seafood is testament to the effectiveness of DigiGreet as a visitor management system. Young’s has remained on a subscription contract with DigiGreet since 2019.