Contactless Sign In

Contactless visitors using a QR code

Allow visitors to sign in without touching a pen or screen with our Contactless sign in.

Contactless sign in for the Corona Virus (Covid 19)DigiGreet can now allow visitors and contractors to sign in using their phone without needing to install an app.

This allows you to monitor the arrival and departure of visitors and contractors, including asking them relevant questions such as whether they live with someone who has Covid 19 (or has had it in the last 14 days). In this way you are able to be responsible to your staff and your guests and carry on running the business.

There are a few ways people can sign in with DigiGreet Contactless and the approach really depends on your requirements. All approaches use the person's phone so people either need to bring a phone, or use the main screen on reception if they don't have a phone they can use.

The approaches to contactless sign in will vary from visitor to visitor and site to site. At one end, you have a very simple button which you send via the DigiGreet admin panel in your visitor management system, it doesn't get much easier than tapping a button on your phone with nothing to install.

Then we have a couple of options with QR codes with the visitor or contractor scanning a QR code on your reception to you having a camera which scans the QR code on the visitor's phone.

We also have the ability to register and answer questions from your visitor or contractor's home or workplace.

If you use fobs such as Paxton Net2, they are also able to sign in by using a fob. If not, you can also print them a visitor badge with a barcode to scan and with DigiGreet Connect you can simply use your Paxton Net2 fobs on the door readers as normal.

During the pandemic, our visitor management system played a pivotal role in maintaining a Covid-19 free environment by implementing a contactless check-in system. This innovative feature proved essential in reducing physical contact points, limiting the risk of viral transmission on-site. Visitors and contractors could seamlessly check in without touching any shared surfaces, such as sign-in sheets or physical kiosks, making it a safer and more hygienic process.

One of the key strengths of our system was its ability to ask relevant Covid-related questions upon check-in. Questions like, "In the last 14 days, have you lived with someone who has had Covid?" served as vital screening measures. By capturing this information in real-time, we could identify potential risks early on and take appropriate preventive actions, such as asking individuals to reschedule their visit or conducting further health assessments if necessary.

Moreover, our contactless check-in system set us apart from many other solutions in the market, as visitors and contractors did not need to download any additional apps. This user-friendly approach removed barriers to entry and ensured a smooth and efficient check-in process. Visitors could simply access the check-in system through a web browser or a QR code, minimizing the need for physical touchpoints and reducing the risk of infection.

By leveraging the power of technology and introducing a seamless, contactless check-in process with relevant Covid-related questions, our visitor management system significantly contributed to the Covid-19-free environment within our organization. It not only demonstrated our commitment to prioritizing health and safety but also instilled confidence among our employees, visitors, and contractors during uncertain times.

The advantages of our system extended beyond the pandemic. Even as the situation improved, the contactless check-in and Covid-related screening remained valuable tools for general health and safety management. The system's ease of use and accessibility made it a sustainable and practical solution for the long term, helping to streamline visitor management processes and enhance overall efficiency.

To find out more about the many ways you can manage visitors in a Covid safe way, please get in touch.