Contractor Permits Management System...

Make sure you capture all the information necessary in order to comply with regulations and reduce risk on site with our easy-to-use Contractor Management System. We believe our system is the most feature rich system currently on the market! Wow!

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Contractor Management System
How do you currently keep track of everyone working on your site?
Do all your site workers have valid permits and up to date documents?
Do you want a digital contractor management system?
Contractor Document Management

Document Management

Create, manage and keep track of site workers documents. You can set renewal and expiry dates to make sure all your workers are always fully up to date.

Health and Safety


Make sure your site contractors permits are still valid. Our handy system will automatically send you email reminders when a permit is about to expire.

GDPR compliant

GDPR Compliant 

Our Contractor Management system is secure and fully compliant with EU GDPR law.

Health and Safety

Badge printing

DigiGreet uses Brother Label printers to print off visitor and contractor badges, as well as being able to print the contractor’s or visitor’s photo.

Health and Safety

Policies & Safety

Are all contractors who visit your business aware of your rules and regulations? Don’t worry, DigiGreet Contractor can ask them a set of questions during the registration process.

Fire safety system

Fire Safety

Always know who is currently on site with live data. Take care of those who forget to sign out using DigiGreet’s auto sign out feature. The fire safe check safety procedure can be run using your mobile. It is simple and easy to use, just tick who you see. This helps to increase efficiency during fire drills and more importantly keep everyone safe. 

Contractor induction system


Use a combination of videos, images, statements and questions when welcoming visitors and contractors. These can consist of branch questions where the right information and notices are presented depending on your previous response. There is also the ability to set an expiry date for either questions or information so you do not have to, for example, confirm that you have read the health and safety info each morning as you enter the site. Instead, there can be a reminder in a year's time if that suits your business best. 

Health and Safety

Alerts and reminders

Having set expiry dates, you are able to receive alerts when documents are approaching their expiry. In fact, you can define how many and when you get these reminders which can go to either: admin, contractors or their company.

Health and Safety

Contractor portal

Login to your portal to see which documents are waiting for approval. When these documents expire, upload new or replacement documents and see which types of documents are either: required, optional or not needed.



In other words, we've got you sorted!

Integration with your current fobsUse your current fobs to sign in with DigiGreet

Already have fobs for door access?

Our visitor Management System works with most contactless technologies, all you need is a USB reader with a keyboard output from your supplier. Our partner Paxton is the market leading: IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings. Use DigiGreet Connect with Paxton to fully synchronise with DigiGreet. If you want to know if your current fobs will work with DigiGreet, simply get in touch and we can guide you through how it will work.

Another feature enterprise offers is the ability to allow fobs access to certain doors for a certain time period, this can be a really helpful safety measure if you have someone coming to work on the site for only a day or a few hours. This also helps to prevent security breaches on restricted areas of your site, meaning you can go home and enjoy that tea tree oil infused face mask you've been anxiously waiting to try and not think twice!

GWR Contractor Management

Proof it works?

One of the biggest railway companies in the UK have been using our Contractor Management System over the last couple of years and it's being rolled out across more depots all the time. Start using DigiGreet Contractor now, just give us a call on 01865 556070 and see how we can help.