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Visitor Management I have a point

We would normally expect to have one or two people managing the visitor management system, although you can have as many as you like. These main admins can do everything so you don't really want to open this up to staff who just want to do specific tasks.

This is why we have a staff portal giving access to certain elements of the visitor management system as the more staff can do themselves the better. They simply login to the portal and can only access these tasks.

There are three key tasks staff will want to carry out:

  1. Editing and adding their details to the system
  2. Writing messages to their visitors
  3. Booking meeting rooms and managing their room bookings

Editing and adding their details to the system

They will receive emails when their visitor arrives and depending on the configuration, they may receive phone calls too, so if their phone or email changes they'll want to update them to save main admin the trouble (we can dream!) They may also forget their password, I know, very unlikely, but hey, there's an outside chance.

Writing messages to their visitors

This is quite a cool feature, they can set a default message to show their visitors, maybe something like "I'm on the 116th floor so give me about 10 minutes to get down, help yourself to a drink from the fridge or drinks machine". They can also write a message to show individual visitors, for example they might have a regular visitor called Bob... "Hi Bob, I'm in the engine shed this week, head on down and I'll meet you halfway".

Booking meeting rooms and managing their room bookings

Staff are able to book meeting rooms and edit their room bookings, we're pretty sure they won't want main admin to do this :-)

Find the level for you!

Our Digital Visitor Management system is fully GDPR compliant, and comes in three levels depending on your needs, on a pay monthly subscription. Why not check out the full list of features.   Check out our prices here!

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