Visitor Management System with a Staff Calling Feature

Do you have an E-Reception where no staff are present or staff do not have a welcome role?


If you have an unmanned reception (e-reception) and you'd like visitors and contractors to call their host on arrival, as you might have guessed by now ... we have a solution. DigiGreet offers a helpful feature for unmanned receptions (e-receptions), ensuring a seamless visitor and contractor experience. Upon signing in using DigiGreet, guests will arrive at the welcome page, where a message from their host will pop up, along with a convenient "Call Me" button on the screen. With a simple tap, visitors can connect directly to their host. 

We've even thought of allowing staff to have a backup number in case they are not at their desk (although your phone system may well have a hunt feature for such cases).

With this feature, you can create a warm and welcoming environment for all visitors, ensuring they feel looked after and valued right from the moment they arrive, instead of hide and seek starting to become the traditional way to start the meeting with your host.

Moreover, implementing this feature won't add significant costs, as it seamlessly integrates with your existing phone system. DigiGreet's solution offers efficiency and convenience without breaking the bank.

Embrace DigiGreet's e-reception feature to enhance guest experiences and elevate your company's professionalism. Make a positive impression right from the start, leaving visitors with a lasting, positive image of your organisation.

DigiGreet's new feature for unmanned receptions (e-receptions) revolutionises the visitor experience. Upon signing in, guests are greeted with a welcome page displaying a message from their host, along with a user-friendly "Call Me" button. This direct connection ensures visitors can instantly reach their hosts, eliminating any delays or confusion. The addition of a backup number option further enhances accessibility, guaranteeing seamless communication even if the host is away from their desk. With this efficient and cost-effective solution, organisations can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, leaving a lasting positive impression on visitors and contractors alike. DigiGreet's new feature sets a new standard for hassle-free and professional reception management, making it an invaluable addition to any business seeking to elevate its visitor experience and improve overall efficiency.

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