Visitor Management System Zones

If you have multiple buildings, or different areas of risk in your building, you may want to know who is where...


In today's dynamic and diverse working environments, managing the safety and security of multiple buildings or various risk areas within one facility can be a daunting task, we hear you. That's where DigiGreet's intelligent Zone Management feature comes to the rescue, providing a seamless solution to efficiently track and safeguard personnel across different zones.

DigiGreet has the ability to define Zones for separate buildings on one site, or, from a health and safety perspective, different risk areas within your building.

Having separate buildings is clearly a risk as an emergency is unlikely to strike all buildings in the same way, so knowing who is in which building is especially essential as they are likely to have different muster/evacuation points.

Having separate areas within your building is also essential if those areas present significantly different risks, obvious examples being: a laboratory, manufacturing floor and office in the same building.

Our process of managing zones is initiated as soon as you sign in, our visitor management system simply signs you in to the building you entered via. From this point onwards when you move between zones, the system signs you out of the old zone and into the new zone at the same time: so you are never in more than one zone at a time.

You can move around as much as you like and admin users can see where all people are on site via our self-refreshing security user pages.

The system's intuitive zone management process ensures seamless sign-ins and outs when moving between zones. With every zone change, DigiGreet records the transition in real-time, enabling accurate tracking of personnel movements. Administrators can access self-refreshing security user pages, providing a comprehensive view of all personnel on-site and their respective zones.

DigiGreet's Zone Management feature not only enhances safety protocols but also simplifies emergency response, minimising confusion and maximising efficiency. The system's versatility, adaptability, and user-friendly nature make it an indispensable tool for businesses and organisations seeking a comprehensive solution to managing safety across multiple buildings or diverse risk areas. Embrace DigiGreet's Zone Management feature today and stay one step ahead in safeguarding your most valuable assets: your people.

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