DigiGreet Connect - Paxton Integration and access control system

DigiGreet Connect with Paxton Door Entry

Link seamlessly to your Paxton access control system

Connect to Paxton Net 2

Integrate your Paxton door access with our visitor management system DigiGreet and make your visitors and workplace more secure . 

DigiGreet Connect integrates with your Paxton system and populates all your staff and contractor records making the process simpler and saving admin time.

With DigiGreet Connect your staff can simply come and go as normal, fobbing the Paxton readers as they go through doors during the day.

DigiGreet Connect checks that they are signed in, so the issue of tailgating (when you follow someone in without fobbing) is minimised.

When you leave, whether that's for lunch, a meeting or because you'd finished for the day, we'll sign you out automatically giving you all of the benefits of DigiGreet with all the benefits of the Paxton Net2 access control system, without any extra work or hassle.

What about Contractors and Visitors?

Can we add contractors to PaxtonIf you give Paxton Net2 fobs to contractors and visitors to allow them to move around your site, that's fine. They simply register on DigiGreet, answering your questions, viewing any inductions you have, completing any permits to work or RAMS permits, having their documents confirmed and all of the fabulous features of DigiGreet, then when you give them their fob, they are automatically linked to that fob, added to Paxton and before you can say "Nice van mate" they're off, opening doors and fixing broken things.

When they need that cosmic doodah to fix that widget which they left in the van or the bacon, sausage and egg bloomer, they come and go fobbing the Paxton door readers as normal with DigiGreet keeping a subtle eye out.

At the end of the day, when they've fixed, swept up and said what a pleasure it was working for you, we de-allocate their fob and sign them out so just in case they forget to hand the fob in, it won't work any more so there's no security risk.

Access permissions for visitors and contractors

Can we add contractors to Paxton

With DigiGreet you are in control at all times. Easily   customise the access levels for visitors and contractors.
On check-in DigiGreet automatically sets the correct   access   level for their Paxton fobs so there is no hassle on   your end.

A visitor management system and a door management system can work together to help give people guest passes to a restricted area by following the following process:

Visitor check-in: When a visitor arrives at the restricted area, they can check-in using the visitor management system. This system will capture their personal details, including their name, contact information, and purpose of their visit.

Issuing of guest pass: After the visitor has checked in, the system can generate a guest pass with a unique identifier. The guest pass can include details such as the visitor's name, photograph, and the date of their visit.

Verification of guest pass: Before the visitor can enter the restricted area, their guest pass needs to be verified. The door management system can scan the guest pass and check if it matches the authorized guests list.

Granting access: If the guest pass is valid, the door management system can grant access to the restricted area. If not, the door management system can deny access.

By combining the visitor management system and door management system, organizations can have a streamlined and secure way of managing visitor access to restricted areas. This can help enhance security, improve visitor experience, and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

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