Track and Trace for Covid 19 (Corona virus)

Covid measures for visitor management

The Corona virus has required us to be more aware of our visitors.

Track and Trace for the Corona Virus (Covid 19)DigiGreet not only allows us to ask the right questions of visitors and contractors and store their answers for later reference. For example, have you washed your hands on arrival to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Not only does it also allow us to show contractors and visitors information, such as inductions, so you know you are doing all you can to inform people and check they have understood and will comply with the information such as where the hand sanitiser points are and the correct protocols for their visit.

But DigiGreet also allows you to see the following information should you need to carry out track and trace for your business or pub/restaurant:

  • when a visitor or contractor arrived exactly
  • who they came with
  • who they saw (Host)
  • who else arrived at a similar time so will have been in reception with them


Our visitor management system demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in gathering vital information to implement an efficient track and trace system, significantly curbing the spread of Covid-19. Promptly asking specific and useful questions as soon as a visitor or contractor arrived on-site ensured crucial details were recorded. This included identifying exactly who they came with, allowing us to trace potential contacts in the event of an infection. Moreover, the system captured essential data on who the visitor or contractor met during their visit, particularly their host. This information proved invaluable in identifying potential transmission pathways and enabling quick responses in case of any positive cases.

Another critical aspect of our system was its ability to identify individuals who arrived at a similar time and were present in the reception area together. By collating this data, we gained insight into potential contact points, enabling us to swiftly notify and test those who may have been exposed to the virus. The track and trace functionality of our visitor management system served as an essential layer of protection, ensuring that even if a Covid-19 case was detected, we could act decisively to prevent further spread within the workplace.

In summary, our visitor management system's ability to ask precise and relevant questions proved instrumental in implementing an effective track and trace system. Capturing details on visitors' companions, interactions with hosts, and co-presence in reception areas allowed us to efficiently identify and notify those who may have been exposed to Covid-19. This level of information not only enhanced workplace safety but also contributed significantly to broader community health efforts by helping to break potential chains of transmission.