Asset Management

Asset Management

DigiGreet asset management allows you to easily keep track of all your equipment, be it laptops, lab keys, projectors or anything else!

Setting up the system is simple to configure, no more worrying about managing several spreadsheets or updating them manually.

  1. Add all your assets in DigiGreet
  2. DigiGreet creates a unique Barcode/QR Code. Simply print and stick it on your asset
  3. Scan the barcode with your barcode scanner from within DigiGreet and say who is taking the asset
  4. When they bring the asset back, simply scan again to log the return
  5. Run reports at any time to see who has the asset as well as the entire borrowing history

DigiGreet replaces the time-consuming manual chore of tracking your assets and replaces them with a seamless process. With a unique code on every asset, tracking them is as simple as a quick scan.

The system can also be adopted to check items such as fire extinguishers for pressure and freezers for temperature logging. If you need to add information, such as the temperature, that's fine, just set the asset type to ask the question, such as "What is the temperature?" When you scan the barcode of that asset you will then be asked the question allowing you to make a note of the temperature.

DigiGreet's asset management feature offers a hassle-free solution for tracking all equipment, from laptops and lab keys to projectors and more! Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple spreadsheets and manual updates.

Getting started with DigiGreet is a breeze. Simply add your assets to the system, and DigiGreet will generate a unique Barcode/QR Code for each item. Just print and stick the code on the asset. The process couldn't be simpler: when someone takes an asset, scan the barcode with DigiGreet's barcode scanner, and log who is borrowing it. Upon return, another quick scan records the item's safe return.

No more tedious manual tracking! DigiGreet efficiently manages all your assets and maintains a comprehensive borrowing history. At any time, you can access detailed reports, revealing the current asset holder and the item's complete borrowing journey.

DigiGreet's asset management feature saves valuable time and streamlines the tracking process. With unique codes assigned to each asset, a swift scan is all it takes to keep tabs on your equipment.

The system's adaptability doesn't end there. DigiGreet can also be employed to monitor items like fire extinguishers for pressure or freezers for temperature logging. This user-friendly customization ensures you can effortlessly automatically keep essential information updated.

DigiGreet's asset management is a game-changer, offering seamless organization and tracking capabilities for your equipment. Experience the convenience and efficiency of DigiGreet's feature, making asset management a breeze for businesses of all sizes.

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