Visitor Management System with Fully Customisable Text

Visitor Management I have a point

You have the ability to change the text in the visitor management system so you can either phrase text how you want, or even change the language completely.

Whether you want to change the text on the buttons or tweak the term "Contractor" on the contractor badge, there's lots of places to change the text on our visitor management system.

We also have what we call our home page builder. Our default is to have a very simple name box and a register box, anyone can type in their name, it doesn't matter if they are a visitor, member of staff, contractor or another type of visitor, our visitor management system is clever enough to know what type of visitor you are and treat you accordingly. However, some clients like to segregate visitors at the start as they feel it's a better approach which is no problem with our home page builder. If you want buttons that say visitor, contractor and staff, no problem. If you want buttons which say customer, freelancer and homie, no problem, fill your boots, say what you like...

Registration page

We have also added 3 custom fields to your registration page options, so in addition to the normal questions such as mobile, car and company, you can add up to 3 fields specific to you, in case the field you want isn't already included in our list. For example, you may wish to ask for a certain permit number...

Fobbing in and out

We were asked if it's possible to show people who fob in as opposed to using their name so we've added a colour choice for you so you can set the colour for fobbed in staff and name entered staff, then, on your staff page, you can see at a glance how they signed in simply by the colour of the text, genious...

Right now, admin is only in English, but this is in our To Do pile so let us know if you'd like Admin in another language and we might just move it up the order for you, doughnuts will help...

Find the level for you!

Our Digital Visitor Management system is fully GDPR compliant, and comes in three levels depending on your needs, on a pay monthly subscription. Why not check out the full list of features.   Check out our prices here!

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