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DigiGreet is a visitor management system that can work for you.

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Our Digital Visitor Management System is fully GDPR compliant giving you that first impression you are after with all the functionality you need and suits all organisations, large or small. It has been built from scratch taking ease of use as a priority, allowing flexibility on the device it can run on too and aiming to provide more features than any other visitor management system.

We have three versions of our visitor management system ;
Lite for simple sign in
Pro for more features such as badge printing
Enterprise for a full-blown package with all your needs in one system. 

We take into account that Business and Schools needs may be different so pick the one which suits you.

DigiGreet for Businesses

DigiGreet for Schools


* The Advanced contractor management system has all of the features of the Enterprise version of the visitor management system but has specific features to manage contractors. Please note that all the versions of our visitor management system allow contractors to sign in and out with the Pro and Enterprise also allowing badge printing for contractors.

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Whether you are a State or Private school,  Primary or Secondary our Digital Visitor Management system can be great for you, our lite version is a perfect replacement to the paper book it can run on any device connected to the internet. Our more advanced system can log that you as school have verified a visitor’s ID keeping to child safety practices! See more on what DigiGreet for schools have to offer, click here.

DigiGreet Signing in and out is easy


DigiGreet is already being used by plenty of businesses, used throughout GWR depots, it is great for manned and unmanned receptions from charities to care homes to offices to building sites, DigiGreet can work for you. See more on DigiGreet for Businesses, click here.

What would a great Visitor management system offer?

  • No Limits to users.
  • Easy Sign in/out.
  • GDPR Compliant. 
  • Personal Branding .
  • In-depth reporting.
  • Fire Safety.
  • Print Badges.
  • Pre-Registrations .
  • Personalised messages to visitors.
  • & Much much more