Fire Drill and Evacuations

Fire evacuation  scene

Easily carry out fire drills and evacuations by any number of marshals without needing to install an app

With DigiGreet you can access the emergency evacuation and fire drill page from any device with a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Safeguarding and fire marshals can save a hot link of their phones and access the register in no time.

The fire drill check list itself is a password protected web page, so there's no app or anything that you need to install, just make sure all marshals know the password, although you can give them a hint to jog their memory. Once on the page, you will see:

  • Anyone needing assistance will be highlighted, so you can make sure they have the assistance they need to leave the buildings.
    The names and details of the hosts and their visitors will be displayed, as well as:
    • Mobile numbers, if you have asked for them
    • The departments the staff are in 
    • The company name of the staff, if there are temporary workers from different companies
    • Staff’s email, if you have asked for it
    • If you have multiple buildings and use zones, they will be visible too
  • You can show specific departments, allowing department heads to take the roll call for their division
  • If you have a large premises and use zones, you can see each zone, therefore allowing each muster point to be dealt with separately
  • People's names are listed in the order they arrived on site but you can easily change the order by simply tapping the column title, so changing to alphabetical order or type of visitor e.g. staff, contractor or visitor, is really easy
  • You can also record the time it took you to evacuate
  • As well as saving the drill data and reviewing any previous drills, in your admin panel
  • The list is dynamic, it's very clever, in fact, we don't know any other system as advanced, so we don't want to say too much on the website until the others catch up so if you'd like to know more please get in touch.

If you are a school, you can also see pupils who: have either arrived late (after registration) as well as pupils who left early.

DigiGreet recognizes the utmost importance of fire drill safety, ensuring smooth and efficient evacuations. With dynamic checklists, mobile access, and comprehensive data, DigiGreet prioritizes safeguarding lives during emergencies using our intelligent software.

In other words, we provide everything you need to carry out a safe evacuation. If you'd like any more details please don't hesitate to get in touch.