Lateral Flow Testing for Staff and Visitor Management

Covid measures for visitor management

DigiGreet allows you to store lateral flow test data in order to prevent the further spread of Covid 19

DigiGreet allows you to seamlessly manage this process. You can setup questions for visitors, contractors and staff members and then use the reporting feature to download the responses in a handy xls file. 

This allows you to ensure staff are taking the tests and record the results without any staff admin time, another great reason to choose DigiGreet...

DigiGreet, our cutting-edge visitor management system, offers a comprehensive solution to effectively prevent the further spread of Covid-19 by enabling the storage of lateral flow test data. With its seamless and user-friendly interface, DigiGreet empowers organizations to efficiently manage this crucial process, ensuring the safety of staff, visitors, and contractors.

One of the key features of DigiGreet is its ability to set up customized health-related questions for all individuals entering the premises. Whether they are visitors, contractors, or staff members, the system allows for the implementation of specific Covid-19 screening questions tailored to the organization's requirements and current health guidelines. By prompting everyone to respond to these questions, DigiGreet ensures a consistent and standardized approach to health assessment.

Moreover, DigiGreet's reporting feature offers an invaluable advantage in the management of lateral flow test data. Administrators can easily access and download the responses from all the individuals who have completed the screening questions. The data is conveniently compiled into an xls file, providing a structured and organized format for further analysis and tracking.

By having access to this data, organizations can effortlessly verify whether staff members are adhering to the lateral flow testing protocols. The recording of test results becomes an automated process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing staff administrative time. This not only streamlines the overall management of health screening but also frees up valuable resources, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks.

The ability to store lateral flow test data within DigiGreet offers a range of benefits, making it a compelling choice for businesses and institutions. Firstly, it provides a robust and efficient method for monitoring and enforcing compliance with health and safety measures. With real-time access to test records, organizations can quickly identify any potential issues or lapses in testing, enabling timely intervention to safeguard against outbreaks.

Secondly, DigiGreet's data storage feature bolsters transparency and accountability within the organization. The availability of comprehensive records ensures that all parties are aware of the efforts being made to maintain a safe environment. This fosters trust and confidence among staff, visitors, and contractors, further reinforcing the commitment to health and well-being.

Additionally, DigiGreet's streamlined data management enhances the organization's overall resilience to Covid-19. By having a centralized repository of test results, the system aids in contact tracing efforts, should the need arise. In the event of a positive case, the stored data can quickly identify potential contacts, enabling rapid containment measures to prevent further spread.

In conclusion, DigiGreet offers a powerful and efficient solution to store lateral flow test data, contributing significantly to the prevention of Covid-19 transmission. Through its customizable health screening questions and user-friendly reporting feature, the system ensures a consistent and standardized approach to health assessment for all individuals on-site. The automated data storage not only simplifies the recording of test results but also strengthens compliance, transparency, and accountability within the organization. With DigiGreet, businesses and institutions can confidently uphold health and safety protocols, providing a secure environment for their staff, visitors, and contractors, while also optimizing operational efficiency and resource allocation.