COVID Pass scanning and management

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Covid PassWe are the first and only visitor management system to have the ability to scan COVID passes and manage them, this is how it works.


DigiGreet now allows you to provide better safeguarding by providing seamless verification of NHS Covid pass. Visitors arriving on site are simply asked to scan their Covid pass (this can be via the NHS app or a print out). DigiGreet simply checks the validity of the pass using the tablet/screen's camera.

The system remembers expiry dates of a pass and won't ask for it again until it has expired. This system is completely automated and does not require any staff time or resources to run which means you can fulfil the requirement to check Covid passes without tying up staff.

We are very proud to have been able to get this added and tested so fast and can't wait to show it to you.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our organization excelled in dealing with the challenges by implementing DigiGreet, a groundbreaking visitor management system that played a vital role in safeguarding our staff and visitors. With DigiGreet's innovative feature of seamlessly verifying the NHS Covid pass, we provided enhanced security and reassurance to everyone accessing our premises.

Throughout this unprecedented time, visitors arriving on-site experienced a smooth and efficient check-in process as they simply scanned their Covid pass through the NHS app or a printed version. DigiGreet's camera-based verification method swiftly and accurately validated the passes, ensuring only authorized individuals gained entry.

An exceptional aspect of our system was its intelligent handling of pass expiry dates. Once a visitor's Covid pass was scanned and validated, DigiGreet stored the expiry date, eliminating the need for repeated checks during subsequent visits. This automated approach optimized the verification process, sparing our staff from manual checks and allowing them to focus on other critical responsibilities.

By integrating DigiGreet into our Covid-19 response, we effectively fulfilled the requirement of verifying Covid passes without burdening our staff or allocating additional resources. The system operated seamlessly and autonomously, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of potential errors.

Our proactive approach to safeguarding with DigiGreet provided a secure environment for staff, visitors, and clients, effectively mitigating the risk of Covid-19 transmission. The system's efficiency and accuracy instilled confidence in all stakeholders, ensuring a positive and reassuring experience for everyone accessing our premises.

Furthermore, the adaptability of DigiGreet allowed us to align with ever-changing public health guidelines and government mandates. As requirements evolved, we seamlessly updated the system to incorporate new changes and additional Covid-related measures, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of safety and compliance.

In retrospect, our decision to implement DigiGreet during the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a wise and successful move. By streamlining the verification process, we upheld high standards of safeguarding and prioritized the well-being of our staff and visitors. The trust and confidence we instilled through DigiGreet fostered positive relationships with all those who interacted with our organization.

In conclusion, our organization's response to the Covid-19 pandemic was marked by excellence, thanks to the implementation of DigiGreet. By seamlessly verifying the NHS Covid pass and automating the verification process, we efficiently managed health checks while relieving staff from additional burdens. Our dedication to safeguarding and proactive approach to compliance allowed us to provide a secure and reassuring environment for everyone involved. DigiGreet remains a testament to our commitment to safety, adaptability, and resilience during challenging times.