Digital Signing In Book Prices

Pricing for schools.

Find the right package to suit your needs!


  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Simple sign in/out Access.
  • No Limit to users.
  • Email Support.
  • Full Lite feature list click here.


Most Popular
  • All of the lite features.
  • Visitor Badge Printing (Not Photos).
  • Staff Fob Scanning.
  • Email Notifications to staff.
  • Full Pro feature list click here.


  • All of the features Lite & Pro offers.
  • Badge printing including photos.
  • Visitor & Contractor fob scanning
  • ID Verification
  • Pre-registration invite link
  • Let visitor know if staff are not on site
  • Access to any new features.
  • Full Enterprise feature list click here.

Not sure which features are in which level?

DigiGreet Feature Comparison Chart

This takes you to a comparison chart showing you all the visitor management system features and whether they are in Lite, Pro or Enterprise versions.

We also show you features in our advanced contractor management version.

Please note the pricing is per site (Location), you can use DigiGreet on the same site (Location) across multiple devices. With the exception of schools, invoiced pricing is based on staff numbers.

Not sure which tablet, printer or fobs etc. to use?


Our visitor management system is about the most flexible system available. You can almost use any tablet or touch screen as it runs on a standard browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. However, if you want to use fob scanning and an iPad, this won't work because the iPad doesn't have a usb socket and it's likely your fob system provider only has readers which use USB. So, why not check out our guide as this takes you to a pdf where we talk about various hardware such as tablets, touch screen, printers, fobs, barcode scanners, security etc...

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