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Link a Visitor Management System and an Access Control System

Link a Visitor Management System and an Access Control System

Posted: 5 May '2021 by Ed

There is a growing demand for enhanced security and digitization of the processes in premises operations. It is the reason why there has been a greater demand for robust visitor management systems and visitor access control systems in both schools and business premises.

Whilst a digital visitor management system is a big improvement upon a paper and pen process, organisations have to adopt a more holistic approach to ensure tighter premise security. A modern-day visitor management system such as DigiGreet is digital, cloud-based, and allows for hardware integration. Such a visitor management system helps organisations in gaining better control over visitor movement and access to their premises.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of integrating your visitor management system with a visitor access control system. But before that, let us briefly discuss the visitor access control system.

What is a Visitor Access Control System?

Think of a visitor access control system as a physical restriction to a specific area inside your organisation. By installing a visitor access control system such as Paxton Net2, your organization is achieving physical access control goals through digital means. The access control points within your organisation can include doors at the reception, parking entry points, escalators, and flip gates among several others. Only those visitors who have access can therefore enter and move within the business premises isolating certain areas as required.

Why Integrate Visitor Management Systems with Visitor Access Control Systems?

The modern-day visitor management system can be easily integrated with a visitor access control system such as Paxton Net2 to achieve better security and higher-level operational control. By integrating these two systems, organizations can easily monitor the movements of the visitor and can track their entry to sensitive and restricted areas all the time.

Such an integration becomes all the more important when contractors and visitors are provided with free access to the onsite premises and are not always escorted by a staff member. Moreover, with visitor access controls systems, contractors and visitors are no longer required to waste time in getting the access credentials. Therefore, making their visit to the organization more seamless and efficient.

Integrate DigiGreet with Paxton Net2

DigiGreet is one of the more sophisticated and efficient visitor management systems available that easily integrates with visitor access control systems such as Paxton Net2. Therefore, allowing your organization to fully streamline the check-in process for everyone involved. The integration of these two systems also ensures that security is maintained all the time.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days for sending your contractors and visitors to the security office for getting access credentials. Now, the process has to be streamlined for everyone who visits the premises. Therefore, by integrating the DigiGreet visitor management system with the Paxton Net2 visitor access control system, your organization can adopt a more holistic approach to onsite security.

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