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Youngs Seafood -Efficiency/Safety with Visitor Management

Youngs Seafood -Efficiency/Safety with Visitor Management

Posted: 21 Mar '2024 by Ed

In the bustling world of food manufacturing, where precision, safety, and efficiency are paramount, Young's Seafood stands tall as one of the UK's leading specialists in seafood production. Established in 1805, Young's has become synonymous with quality and innovation, gracing supermarket shelves with its branded and retailer own label products. Amidst the complexities of managing multiple specialist sites across the UK, Young's sought a solution that would streamline their operations while upholding their rigorous standards of health, safety, and security. Enter DigiGreet, a cutting-edge visitor management system tailored to meet the unique challenges of the food manufacturing industry.

Why Young’s Seafood Chose DigiGreet

In an industry where adherence to health and safety protocols is non-negotiable, Young's Seafood recognised the need for a visitor management system that could seamlessly integrate with their operations while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. After conducting a thorough market analysis, DigiGreet emerged as the ideal solution. Its ability to centralise information, customise processes, and provide real-time updates via an intuitive admin panel resonated with Young's strategic objectives. Unlike other visitor management systems, DigiGreet offered a comprehensive suite of features perfectly aligned with Young's requirements, making it the clear choice for enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

How Young’s Seafood Used DigiGreet

Young's Seafood embarked on their DigiGreet journey by implementing the visitor management system at their Grimsby head office, using it as a pilot to validate its efficacy and feasibility. Throughout the implementation process, DigiGreet's responsiveness to Young's queries, requirements, and day-to-day operations exceeded expectations, laying the foundation for a fruitful partnership. Encouraged by the success of the pilot, Young's expanded DigiGreet's deployment to encompass all their operational sites across the UK. By leveraging DigiGreet's comprehensive visitor management system features, Young's effectively managed personnel on-site, ensuring compliance with health and safety protocols while enhancing the overall visitor experience.

The Results

The integration of DigiGreet visitor management system into Young's Seafood's operations yielded tangible results, reaffirming its position as a cornerstone of efficiency and safety. With DigiGreet's robust visitor management capabilities, Young's experienced a marked improvement in site management, with enhanced access to critical information pertaining to site rules and health and safety protocols. This not only bolstered Young's ability to meet technical standards but also elevated the overall experience for individuals visiting their sites. Moreover, DigiGreet's seamless data integration across Young's entire estate facilitated informed decision-making and proactive risk management. The enduring partnership between Young's Seafood and DigiGreet underscores the system's effectiveness as a visitor management solution, with Young's opting for a subscription contract since 2019.


In the dynamic landscape of food manufacturing, where precision and safety are paramount, Young's Seafood has emerged as a beacon of excellence. By harnessing the power of DigiGreet, Young's has optimised their operations, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards while enhancing the visitor experience. As Young's continues to navigate the complexities of the industry, their partnership with DigiGreet serves as a testament to the transformative potential of innovative visitor management solutions. Together, they exemplify the synergy between technology and industry expertise in driving sustainable growth and excellence in food manufacturing.


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