Managing Late Students and Early leavers in a Visitor Management System

Most schools have a school register which is added to the school management information system to track pupil attendance. This works well if, the pupil is on time and doesn't have to leave early. But what happens if they are late and the school has an emergency, are you sure you will know who is on site?


If you are using the DigiGreet visitor management system you can manage late pupils as well as pupils needing to leave early by making sure they sign in. Just like how visitors, staff and contractors have to sign in when arriving or leaving your premises.

Pupils are managed slightly differently to visitors because we ask for the name of the person bringing them, or picking them up, if relevant, and for the reason why they need to leave early or have arrived late.

Hours of fun can be had reading the convoluted explanations for why pupils are late, sadly they are a lot less creative when saying why they need to leave early but nonetheless the important thing is that if an emergency strikes, the fire drill page clearly shows the pupil exceptions so staff know at a glance which pupils are here who are not on the MIS register, and which pupils are not here who are on the MIS register.

As you'd expect, the fire drill page works perfectly on a smart phone or tablet, without the need to install any app or software, so any staff member needing access to this information can get it quickly and simply.

DigiGreet's visitor management system is proud to offer schools this crucial benefit in managing pupil attendance during emergencies. By having pupils sign in, just like visitors and staff, the system captures late arrivals and early departures along with their reason. During fire drills, the dynamic fire drill page highlights pupil exceptions, enabling staff to identify who's on-site but not on the school register and vice versa. The system ensures easy access to this vital information on smartphones or tablets without any app installation. DigiGreet empowers schools with a comprehensive solution, guaranteeing effective emergency response and safeguarding pupil safety.

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