Ways to Sign In

1 Visitor Management System but lots of ways to Sign In


You'd think you can just type your name in to sign in but not so, actually there are quite a few ways you can sign in so we thought we'd give you a quick overview in case it's useful.

The first thing to clarify is that by sign in, we're really talking about a person who's already in the system, if you're a visitor and it's your first time, you need to go through the visitor registration process, although you can allow visitors and contractors to register from their home or your office if you want to. (You might have lots of security questions, inductions or simply a lengthy amount of text such as an NDA or policy which will take time to read.

Typing to Sign In


In case it's not obvious, you can type your name!!! In certain cases, DigiGreet can auto suggest your name as you start typing but this is subject to GDPR so is generally only used for Staff who can be asked and opt in. In addition to using your name, you could use a pin number, good if you have a long name and are staff or a regular visitor.

Fobbing in and out


If you want to start getting clever, we have a number of ways to sign in without typing anything at all. The most common is probably the fob or magnetic card. These are cheap and widely available so a nice solution for staff or regular visitors. If you have a door access system there's only the Stanley PAX system that we've not been able to use so chances are you can use your door fob to sign in and out. If you don't want to use fobs, you can use barcodes, a lot of schools and businesses have a lanyard so you can print the barcodes on labels and stick it to the back of the lanyard to sign in and out.

For visitors and contractors, you can send an email with a QR code which can be used to sign in or even open doors, we we're pretty chuffed when we got that working. It's generally used for perimeter low risk "doors" such as the gate or main reception but you can set access levels higher if you want to. It's also used to businesses or schools trying to be as contact free as possible although door handles may be a higher risk.


Find the level for you!

Our Digital Visitor Management system is fully GDPR compliant, and comes in three levels depending on your needs, on a pay monthly subscription. Why not check out the full list of features.   Check out our prices here!