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5 Reasons to Digitize the Visitor Experience in Schools

5 Reasons to Digitize the Visitor Experience in Schools

Posted: 16 Feb '2021 by Dan

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Looking around we realise that everything is getting automated, from online shopping to education – there's hardly any aspect of human life that is not being transformed or at least influenced by digital technology. Yet there are many places, including schools, that rely on a manual, paper-based visitor management system. Not only it is an outdated system which doesn't give a great first impression and is almost imposible to yeild proper reporting and knowledge, but using a paper sign-in process is also tedious, time-consuming and a breach of GDPR regulations.

Moreover, it is not error-free and does not offer any compliance against health and safety concerns. Thus, a digital visitor management system for schools is an all-in-one solution for your school’s problems. If you are not sure why you should migrate from a manual, paper-based visitor management to a digital visitor management system, the following are some of the reasons to digitise the visitor experience in your school.

Reasons to Digitise the Visitor Experience in Schools

1. Improved Security and Safety

The biggest advantage of a digital visitor management system is that it protects your school by identifying visitors quickly and accurately. Creating a secure environment and student safety is the top priority of any school. The DigiGreet system will help you in achieving the same while ensuring your school complies with the GDPR regulations.

2. Innovative Visitor Experience

Parents are increasingly becoming more tech-savvy with the growing adoption of technology in their day-to-day life. Therefore, by adopting a digital visitor management system, your school gets the opportunity to impress parents by offering a unique and innovative visitor experience which is completely branded to your school and gives you the chance to showcase pupils and their work. The DigiGreet visitor management system for your school can offer them a smooth process from start to finish thus, creating a lasting impression on them. 

3. Increased Efficiency

Schools using a paper-based visitor management system know how difficult it is to maintain records and the various issues arising with that. However, a digital visitor management system uses state-of-the-art technology that allows your school to screen your visitors while registering and badging them. Of course, it will save your school staff a lot of time and it will also help them stay updated on the arrivals of visitors in the school.

4. Enhanced Accountability and Transparency

The DigiGreet visitor management system for schools lets you easily identify anyone who is on your school premises at any given time. Moreover, it also allows your school staff to understand and scrutinize the visitor patterns by using the digital system. Thus, offering your school enhanced accountability and transparency.

5. Increased Staff Morale

There is no doubt that both parents and students will feel more secure and protected if the school uses a digital visitor management system. However, even your school staff member will feel safe and secure due to the automated system. Thus, increasing their overall morale.

Final Thoughts

A digital visitor management system has several benefits to offer. For schools, it has benefits of improved security and safety and also saves a lot of time. Therefore, if your school is looking for an efficient visitor management solution, DigiGreet offers a complete solution including registration, tracking, badging, and management. 

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