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COVID 19 update of our visitor management system for schools

COVID 19 update of our visitor management system for schools

Posted: 4 Jan '2021 by Ed Williams

We have two main approaches to manage the COVID-19 risk:

  • Ask the right security questions on arrival
  • Minimise touching of surfaces at the school

Security Questions

COVID-!( security questions for your visitor management systemWe have added security questions for members of staff, so it is now possible to ask visitors, contractors and staff about COVID-19. As before, questions can have expiry dates to avoid asking unnecessary questions although COVID-19 questions are likely to be asked daily.

Note not all editions of the visitor management system have individual expiry dates, Lite and Pro have group level expiry.

To see our example questions on our COVID-19 Questions to Visitors page.

Minimise Touch

We have expanded Contactless sign in and out to all editions of our visitor management system, so this is now available on the Lite edition to support the eradication of COVID-19.

The DigiGreet contactless sign in and out has 3 options:

  1. Easy – Email a button to a visitor or contractor, they simply press the button in the email to sign in and out.
  2. QR Code at the School reception – Visitors use their phone to scan a QR code, similar to the approach used in pubs and restaurants.
  3. QR Code on phone – Email a QR code to a visitor or contractor, they show their phone to the camera which signs them in (it can even open a door for them)

There a pros and cons to each of the above approaches which we are happy to discuss the best visitor management system set up with you as it can be hard to know all the features and which are right for you.. Please call on 01865 955 021, use the live chat feature or contact us.

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