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Contractor Permit Do we have a record of contractor at site?

Contractor Permit Do we have a record of contractor at site?

Posted: 10 Dec '2021 by JP

Maintaining records and documents of all contractors working at your business premise is a cumbersome task.

When done manually, it can lead to errors which can cost your business a fortune. Any major mishaps can result in irreparable damages. As a result, it becomes necessary from a business point of view to ensure that everyone has a valid contractor permit. Moreover, businesses must keep the record for all contractors on site.

But how do you manage all of these, if not manually? Well, you make use of an efficient visitor management system that provides your business  with all the necessary tools to manage and keep the record for all contractors on site. In this article, we will discuss one such efficient visitor management system.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The DigiGreet visitor management system allows businesses to efficiently set up contractor permits daily. The system allows you to set up different permits such as Hot Works, Electrical, Working at Heights, and General Permits. Moreover, these permits can be stored efficiently using the DigiGreet visitor management system, therefore, streamlining the entire process.

Apart from issuing and keeping track of contractor permits, the DigiGreet visitor management system also allows businesses to store all the necessary documents of contractors. This ensures that your business or school complies with the regulatory requirements. The DigiGreet visitor management system is GDPR compliant, and through its feature offerings, it ensures that all businesses are compliant as well.

Along with compliance and contractor permit, the DigiGreet visitor management system offers your business a host of excellent features. Some of the features that it has to offer include contractor induction, pre-registration, covid-questionnaire, integration with Paxton access control system, and zones. All these features ensure an excellent visitor experience.

The DigiGreet contractor permit management system provides businesses with a contractor portal that can be used to hand out permits and to upload and keep track of documents. This efficient solution ensures that every contractor who is visiting the site has a valid permit and is an authorized contractor, to minimise stuff time they are uploading documents himself and getting automatic reminders as documents approach expiry.

To know more about the DigiGreet contractor permit management system, get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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