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Covid Pass in Care Homes Scan Automatically Without Staff

Covid Pass in Care Homes Scan Automatically Without Staff

Posted: 19 Jan '2022 by Ed

As per the new regulations brought in by the UK Government, care homes are required to check the vaccination status of everyone, including staff, contractors, and visitors, before allowing them inside the facility.

As a result of the new covid pass mandate, care homes first have to ensure that everyone who is associated, directly or indirectly with the operation of the care home, are fully vaccinated. On the other hand, care home providers also have to ensure that they are checking the Covid pass of every individual visiting the facility.

This article will discuss how care home providers can scan Covid passes automatically without the involvement of any staff.

Automating Covid Pass Verification Inside Care Homes

Of course, care home providers can check and verify the covid pass manually but it is not an efficient way of doing it and this is for two reasons.

  • First, it will require a dedicated staff member to check the covid passes of everyone visiting the facility.
  • Second, it can lead to problems because of the involvement of human errors.

DigiGreet gives care home providers a more effective approach to verify and screen Covid passes before allowing anyone entry inside the facility. Using the DigiGreet Covid pass verification and screening system, care home providers can automate the entire process. Moreover, the system ensures that there is no waste of resources because it does not require any human intervention.

In the automated approach to scanning covid passes, anyone entering the premises types in their name, and the DigiGreet system checks automatically if the person has shown a valid covid pass or not. If the person has not shown a valid covid pass already or their existing pass has expired, they are asked to scan their paper covid pass QR code or the QR code on their smartphone. The DigiGreet system, therefore, checks the validity of the pass and stores details such as expiry date into the system. The automated approach also eliminates the possibility of errors, which might occur at times in the manual approach.

Final Thoughts

The Covid pass mandate enforced by the UK Government could mean a lot of work for care home providers countrywide if you are not making use of the DigiGreet visitor management system! From automating the entire process to saving resources and eliminating the possibility of errors, there are several benefits of using the automated Covid Pass verification and screening feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system. As a care home if you are looking for such an efficient solution, get in touch with us today.

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