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DigiGreet Samaritan The New Kid on the Panic Button Software Block

DigiGreet Samaritan The New Kid on the Panic Button Software Block

Posted: 15 Jun '2022 by Yogesh

Around the world, in certain situations, employees are faced with the potential of violence on the job. As a result of this, employers are looking for new tools which can help in keeping their employees safe, especially the ones who are working in at-risk environments. One of the methods that employers are using to safeguard their employees is equipping them with panic button software.

In this article, we will discuss a new panic button software that is reliable as well as efficient.

DigiGreet Samaritan - New Kid on the Panic Button Software Block

Of course, panic button software provides employees with a sense of comfort and safety. However, not all panic button apps are created equal, and therefore, not all applications are reliable. This is where DigiGreet decided to take the matter into its own hands and is now providing reliable and efficient panic button software – DigiGreet Samaritan.

Whether it is a lockdown, SOS, an emergency, or an attack, the DigiGreet Samaritan panic button software provides businesses and employees with all the necessary features, thereby providing the sense of comfort and safety that employees look for. Notably, the DigiGreet Samaritan panic button software is easy to install and use. It also runs in the network without the need for the internet. Thus, even when the internet is not working, employees can still reach out for help with ease.

DigiGreet ensures that employers receive an enterprise-grade solution for improving the safety measures within their premises, text and messages are customisable, as is the alarm sound.

DigiGreet has become an all-in-one visitor management system, which helps in offering a seamless visitor experience, enhanced safety measures, and efficient handling of business processes. The best thing – all of this is available for the most cost-effective pricing compared to other alternatives available in the market.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable panic button application that your employees can trust, DigiGreet Samaritan has all the features you need at the most competitive prices. The software is designed to work in a situation where employees do not have access to the internet, thereby making it more reliable. To know more about the efficient DigiGreet Samaritan feature, get in touch with DigiGreet today.

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