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DigiGreet Samaritan panic button software for the modern era

DigiGreet Samaritan panic button software for the modern era

Posted: 16 Mar '2022 by Ed Williams

DigiGreet is pleased to annouce Samaritan - Panic Button Software

In this article, we will discuss the DigiGreet Samaritan. in more detail and how it can help organisations and employees in times of emergency.

DigiGreet Samaritan

While emergencies at the workplace can arise anytime without any prior notice, you can at least prepare for them and do your best to ensure staff are safe. One such scenario is where staff urgently need help.

Using the Samaritan panic button anyone could ask for help by simply pressing the SOS button.

Once the SOS button is pressed, the alarm sound will ring, and help messages will pop up on the screens of other staff. This will allow them to respond to the request for help and assist the person in need.

A feature like this can be useful when someone is facing an agressive customer, a health-related emergency or simply that they need something but can't leave the room such as a teacher not able to leave children unattended..

Offering such a useful feature to employees can also help organisations by avoiding any major accidents at their workplace. Moreover, it also helps the organisation in improving workplace safety, which in return can help them in reducing their attrition rate, as employees feel more valued and secure.

Final Thoughts

Certain establishments, such as schools and hospitals, need to give staff the ability to request help but don't necessarily have the budget for a separate physical alarm system. DigiGreet Samaritan continues it's tradition of offering high tech cost effective solutions for forward thinking schools and businesses. For more information why not get in touch for a demo.

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