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DigiGreet vs Inventry Visitor Management System

DigiGreet vs Inventry Visitor Management System

Posted: 30 Jun '2021 by Yogesh

Creating a workplace where employees feel safe and secure is highly crucial. Feelings of comfort and safety are to key overall business productivity and success. Employees feel more secure knowing that any guests or strangers on-site have been processed through a visitor management system and screened appropriately.

Even at the most basic level, visitor management systems help with the tracking of visitors in your premises. More advanced visitor management systems can track when visitors arrive, open doors using QR codes, and even limit where they are allowed to go. Simply put, a visitor management system gives businesses maximum control over who can access their premises.

But with a bunch of options available, choosing the right visitor management system becomes a tedious process.  In this article, we have compared the DigiGreet visitor management system with the Inventry visitor management system to make the choice much easier for you.

DigiGreet vs. Inventry Visitor Management System

Inventry Visitor Management System

The Inventry visitor management system is a tailor-made solution for schools and businesses. It provides you the power to manage visitors, pupils, and contractors. The visitor management system is fully customizable to give every visitor on your premises a great first impression.

The system has incorporated several excellent features to ensure effective visitor management. Some of these features apart from visitor tracking and pre-registration include badge printing, health declarations, capacity management, DBS checker, staff notifications, and integrated webcam among others.

There is no free trial available for the visitor management system and to know how much it is going to cost, you will have to get in touch with Inventry’s sales team. Their website has no information on pricing yet.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The DigiGreet visitor management system provides a similar solution for schools and businesses to track visitors and ensure the safety of employees and other staff members. It is one of the most cost-efficient systems available in the market at present, however, it does not compromise on any set of features needed to ensure safety around your premises.

Some of its features apart from visitor tracking and pre-registration include opening doors with QR codes, GDPR compliance, integration with your school management information system for schools and document/contractor management for businesses, among several others.

Unlike Inventry visitor management system, DigiGreet allows you to access pricing plans on its website. It also provides flexible pricing options making it affordable and convenient for businesses to choose from. For instance, if your organization has 11-50 staff, the pricing tier includes three different plans. The Lite plan will cost £10 per month, the Pro plan will cost you £14 per month, and the Enterprise plan will cost you £18 per month.

Final Thoughts

Both Inventry and DigiGreet visitor management systems offer a feature-rich solution for schools and businesses alike. While the pricing information for the Inventry visitor management system is not available, DigiGreet is an affordable solution as compared to most other systems available in the market, and it also provides your business with almost every feature needed to ensure the safety of your employees as well as visitors. Now that you know about these excellent visitor management systems, making the decision should be much simpler.

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