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DigiGreet vs Sign In App Visitor Management System

DigiGreet vs Sign In App Visitor Management System

Posted: 7 Jul '2021 by Yogesh

A visitor management system is a more efficient way to keep visitor records and is the perfect replacement for the traditional record-keeping method. Using a digital visitor management system, allows staff members and business management to see where visitors should be within the building. The system also provides businesses with an efficient way to collect visitor data and track information to ensure the safety of their employees.

But choosing the right visitor management system for your business can be a tricky task if you do have a complete understanding of the various features and pricing options that these tools have to offer. To make things easier, this article will compare the DigiGreet visitor management system with the Sign In App visitor management system to make the choice much easier for you.

DigiGreet vs. Sign In App Visitor Management System

The Sign In App visitor management system is a smart and safe way for visitors to sign in. The system provides businesses with flexible tools that are tailor-made for the modern workplace. From smartphone contactless sign-in to QR code and RFID scanning, businesses can choose the best option that suits their workplace. 

Some of the features that businesses can access with the Sign In App include pre-registration, contractor management, customizable questionnaire, and GDPR compliance among several others. The Sign In App provides businesses with two efficient pricing plans along with a 15-day free trial.

The two pricing plans offered include – Site Subscription and Full Package. The Site Subscription plan is available at an annual price of £295, whereas the Full Package plan is available for £995 per year.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

DigiGreet is a similar visitor management system but with more emphasis on schools and businesses. The digital visitor management system eliminates the need for a paper sign-in process with its efficient contactless sign-in process. The visitor management system provides businesses with a complete set of features at affordable pricing to safeguard their employees as well as visitors.

Some of the features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system include pre-registration, opening doors with QR codes, GDPR compliance, and document management security questions and many more.

This affordable solution comes with flexible pricing plans which are all on the website that best suits business requirements. For instance, if your organization has 11-50 staff, the pricing tier includes three different plans. The Lite plan will cost £10 per month, the Pro plan will cost you £14 per month, and the Enterprise plan will cost you £18 per month.

Final Thoughts

DigiGreet as well as the Sign In App provides businesses with an efficient, modern-day visitor management system. But if you are a school or a small business, DigiGreet has a more affordable solution along with all necessary features that will better suit your business requirements. Now that you know about these excellent visitor management systems, making the decision should be much simpler.

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