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Do You Need To Spend A Lot On A Visitor Management System

Do You Need To Spend A Lot On A Visitor Management System

Posted: 5 Oct '2021 by Ed Williams

Security, safe guarding and customer service are the major concerns for schools and businesses when thinking about visitor management.

Implementing a visitor management system can help reduce the rise in malicious activities, protect you and those on your site and improve service and branding all with minimal effort. As with any business decision, a cost benefit business case needs to be thought through and organisations with larger budgets often assume that paying more for their visitor management system is safer or better than cheaper alternatives.

But do businesses have to spend a lot on a visitor management system? As one of the more cost-effective solutions, you’d expect us to say the answer is a clear no, and here’s why...

There are three main reasons for price: Expenses, Servicing, Quality

Frankly you shouldn’t care about expenses, whether the company has expensive staff, nice cars or full-page ads is not something which matters, what matters is the product, so dis-regard this as an explanation for a high price.


Naturally this is important, so let’s take a look at this. In the context of a visitor management system, what is servicing? It’s either, not working, or, you can’t work out how to do what you want. We have been going for over 20 years, if it didn’t work, we wouldn’t be in business, the truth is it works seamlessly all the time, so we don’t have to spend any resources fixing it. With regards to you not being able to work out how to do something, there’s a few points to mention.

  1. We do the set up, so usually there’s nothing to do.
  2. We have made the system simple and intuitive, so you can work out what to do
  3. We have a wiki with lots of very short help videos on very specific tasks, so chances are, you can watch a video of a few seconds and see what you need to do
  4. We are on email, phone and live chat, quick question, quick answer, no messing about.

So, as you can see, we don’t really have any big servicing costs.


The quality point should be split into 2, does it work well and does it do the right stuff.

The point under servicing covers the quality of the product from a reliability perspective, it just works because it has to, with these prices, we couldn’t survive if it didn’t.

Does it do the right stuff, well, that’s where you need to take a look at the feature comparison table or better still, get a demo where you can ask questions as we go and make sure it’s exactly right. It does most things people need and most things offered by competitors, including the crazy expensive ones, we love tech, we’re in version 9 so had plenty of time to add features which people have fed back over the years.

The DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the most efficient digital check-in solutions developed for schools and businesses alike. Bundled with a strong list of features at affordable pricing which makes it a no-brainer for businesses or schools to use.

Some of the highlighted features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system include pre-registration, site permits for contractors, document and contractor management portals, integration with Paxton, GDPR compliance, and many more. Notably, the cloud-based visitor management system also offers superior customer service that makes it stand apart from many other systems available in the industry.

The best thing – you get all of these features and functionalities at the most competitive pricing point. For instance, for businesses having a staff of sizes 1 to 10, the pricing of the DigiGreet visitor management system starts at £5 per month and goes up to £15 per month. Even the most pricier version offered by DigiGreet is priced less as compared to the entry prices of some other visitor management systems.

If your business has 11 to 50 employees, the pricing starts from £10 per month and goes up to £72 per month. And for 51+ employees, the pricing starts from £12 per month and goes up to £72 per month again.

While the pricing of the DigiGreet visitor management system is much less than many other systems, there is no compromise on quality and the list of features it has to offer. With more than 30 plus features, there is everything on offer that you need to strengthen the security of your business facility or school.

Final Thoughts

Low price often leads to anxiety over quality, reliability or service but as you can see from us and other companies in recent years, there can be reasons why a great system is less expensive. Get in touch with us today and find out the best option for your facility.

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