The advantages and disadvantages of a visitor management system, the importance of a visitor management system  blog

Here are just a few of the advantages of our visitor management system

Here are just a few of the advantages of our visitor management system

Posted: 15 Oct '2023 by Mia Williams

Advantages of a visitor management system 

In this blog, we are going to cover:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a visitor management system

  • The importance of a visitor management system 

  • What our visitor management system offers to help your company thrive

I want to start by asking you a question: how long do you think it takes for our brains to form an initial judgement when we enter a new environment? Some psychologists say your initial opinions are formed within a tenth of a second. I know… crazy right! That is a lot of pressure to put on a receptionist who may: be in the middle of an important phone call as the guest arrives, or may be in the middle of sending a host a reminder that their guest has arrived and has been waiting for a good 20 minutes now. Essentially, there are many scenarios where the receptionist is unlikely to be able to greet the guest immediately and therefore not be able to create that great first impression your business or school is looking to portray. 

This draws us into one of the first big advantages of a visitor management system: creating a memorable first impression. Our digital visitor management system is built with an easy to use interface helping to make sure the customer feels comfortable and confident that they are being taken care of and impressed with this modern approach reflecting your company or school in an innovative light. This also adds an element of consistency meaning,  as we have seen with our client’s feedback, the visitor management system creates a positive lasting impression on each visitor regardless of what time they arrive or whether or not they’re covered in coffee stains. This not only makes sure no one person is treated differently, it also empowers those who would otherwise feel overwhelmed at the thought of technology replacing paper books as they find the system much more efficient and easy to use then they could have ever imagined! 


Another advantage to this aesthetic but professional visitor management system is it is more secure than the traditional paper and pen. A breach of security is much harder to perform as well as an important advantage being our visitor management system is fully GDPR compliant. This visitor management system works to make your lives easier, saving admin costs and valuable time. As you can see from our client feedback, this is an impressive piece of software to showcase to visitors!


The final main advantage I am going to highlight is the priceless time and money a visitor management system saves. Receptionists are able to dedicate more time to focus on more important tasks which are harder to be replaced with intelligent software. This also means visitors are not waiting in large queues and can pre register all their details beforehand meaning all they have to do upon arrival is enter their name, verify a detail or two and they’re good to go! A really useful feature we have introduced is the ability to add any important notices at this stage or ask important questions to verify the validity of contractor’s work permits. 


The disadvantages of a visitor management system 


There is the potential to make the visitor feel isolated from the lack of human interaction, however most of our clients have receptionists present, focusing on other tasks so their presence helps to avoid this. Another factor is the ease of use our visitor management solution has, this avoids guests feeling awkward standing around like a lemon but instead instils a sense of independence. Our text is fully customisable so feel free to write whatever welcome message you think creates the best impression for your business or school. This can help the visitor feel at ease. You can personalise the message to make the visitor feel valued. Another aspect that helps to avoid any unnecessary stress is that if there is no receptionist at your desk then we can give you an easily accessible call host button so once you have signed in, you can call the host to either say you have arrived or ask a question, that way you are not left stranded, the host can also send a personalised message explaining where they are maybe saying something along the lines of, I am on the 130th floor so will take a few mins to come down, why don’t you help yourself to a drink from the fridge in the meantime. Another reassuring factor is that we have no comments validating this disadvantage so are pretty sure our visitor management system has solved this issue!


The importance of a visitor management system 


The two advantages that highlight the importance of a visitor management system are the security aspect and the consistent ability to create great first impressions. As we all know security is a risk but with this system all the precautions have been carefully thought out and planned meaning you are in good hands that are fully GDPR compliant. First impressions can be overlooked but creating a strong great first impression can really go a long way, it can instil a strong gut feeling that persuades a client to either jump in with two feet or decide to look elsewhere to fulfil their needs. The impression we work with you to create leaves the visitor feeling confident that you are a trustworthy, organised, modern and efficient therefore credible option to help their company thrive from the services they are offering. 


What our visitor management system offers to help your company thrive


Here’s just a few of our features which help to boost your company’s efficiency and safety…


Our visitor management system (DigiGreet) has done all the hard work preparing for emergencies like a fire, so you can remain calm and collected. Fire marshals and Safeguarding staff can access, via any device connected to the internet,  a list of all staff with important details should they wish to share like who needs accessibility assistance, mobile numbers and emails as well as different departments or companies if they are a temporary worker here for just a day a for example. If you have multiple buildings, no problem we can split this long list of employees into each zone and therefore whoever is managing that zone can quickly and efficiently work out if anyone is missing or anyone needs extra assistance. Our collaboration with Paxton means those managing the zones can know exactly who is in what zone at what time in case someone decides to pop over to another zone for their lunch break because they think the cinnamon swirls there are just out of this world. 


We also have a feature specifically catered to schools which allows students who arrive late or early to sign in with a few more details like who dropped them off or collected them and what is the reasoning, hopefully the dog didn’t swallow the car keys…again! This means that teachers, again through any device using an internet browser, can access at any time an accurate MIS register where they know who is in the building and who is not, allowing an efficient evacuation in case of a fire. 


Another very useful feature is the staff portal which allows staff to quickly update personal information like if they change their email, this saves admin time and hassle on both sides. The staff portal also allows staff to be able to book meeting rooms as well as writing messages to visitors on arrival. 


What I am about to disclose is some exciting news! At DigiGreet we believe no matter the size of your company or school that you should be able to access cutting edge technology for an affordable price, see for yourself, check out our pricing page now! 


Hopefully through reading this you have started to gain an understanding on some of the key advantages to a visitor management system and have been able to catch a glimpse of what DigiGreet can offer you. If you are interested, how about booking a demo with us? This is where we talk you through our product and answer any questions or queries that you might have, see you soon! 

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