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How Can a Visitor Management System for Schools Help You Get Smarter?

How Can a Visitor Management System for Schools Help You Get Smarter?

Posted: 8 Feb '2021 by Dan

I guess safety at school is a key concern for anxious parents and while we can't get away from the fact that parents get nervous, we can at least give them a good impression of the school. The first impression, the visitor management system is a critical aspect of a robust health and safety program for schools and has the added advantage of looking great. Of course the best-prepared schools address student safety in numerous ways. Physical barriers to entry, identity verification and community outreach programs are a few examples.

Of course, no administration can predict the future. But schools must prepare their site for the unexpected. One effective solution is to use a visitor management system for schools. In this article, we will discuss how the visitor management system can help schools get smarter.

Visitor Management System for Schools

Keeping an eye on all visitors and verifying their identity is impossible with the current paper sign-in process. The following are some of the ways a visitor management system can help schools.

1. Screen Visitors

One critical aspect of the visitor management system is screening visitors to the schools. Effectively screening visitors is imperative to keep vulnerable students safe from possible offenders. With the DigiGreet system, you can verify the ID of visitors to ensure that they are who they say they are with access blocked to anyone not cleared by reception. Moreover, you can also automatically block all contractors linked to a company, so if a company’s contract expires, none of their contractors will have access to the school premises.

2. Visitor Badges

Many people come in and go out of the school premises every day. Guest speakers, visitors, contractors, and volunteers to name a few. Therefore, school staff cannot know for sure if someone they see is supposed to be in the school or not. With visitor badges, staff can easily confirm that someone has correctly signed by because they are wearing a badge. They can also identify visitors from guest speakers and contractors, thus, allowing them to spot possible offenders. If additional security is required you can add their photo to a badge at the click of a button.

3. Emergency Planning

It is a fact of life; accidents do happen and they happen unexpectedly. But it does not mean that the school administration should not be prepared for such unexpected events. In case of such events, schools must have a list of all personnel present onsite. Thus, ensuring no one is left behind. Using a visitor management system will provide you with an accurate list of everyone present on the school premises and even give you their contact number so you can confirm the location of missing people.

4. Track Attendance

Apart from the above-discussed use cases, using a visitor management system can also help schools for tracking student attendance in scenarios where a register is not taken, such as 6th form. The system will help the administration identify students present on site who might be needed and are out of contact.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to ensuring student safety and tracking people present on the campus, schools are under tight scrutiny all over the world. Of course, it might feel like a humongous task to manage everything effectively, however, with a visitor management system like DigiGreet, schools get the ability to better equip themselves to face the safety challenges ahead of them.

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