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How do you say Unmanned Reception

How do you say Unmanned Reception

Posted: 7 Jun '2021 by Bob

What do you call an empty reception area ie a reception with no receptinist? An unmanned reception? It doesn’t fit the context from a gender-neutral point of view. Some of the other options for saying unmanned reception in a gender-neutral way could be un-staffed reception, auto-attendant reception, or no one there reception!

Does it feel right?

Not really… None of these feel quite right, and more so, they do not even fit the context of saying the term in a gender-neutral way. So how do we say unmanned reception in a gender-neutral way? Suggestions?

As you think of the right term and might even pull your hair while thinking, let us discuss how you can protect your business with an, erm, unmanned reception.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

There is nothing more awkward for a visitor or contractor to walk into your office premises only to be greeted by an empty and silent front desk. More often than not, they are left wondering what they should do next.

Offering such an experience to your visitors is not good for your business. If you are looking to create a lasting impression on your clients, visitors, or contractors, it is very much important to start at the ground level, and therefore, no better place to start than your business’s reception area.

Even if your reception area is empty and left laissez faire, the DigiGreet Visitor Management System ensures a smooth check-in process for all of your visitors and contractors looking to access your business premises. The following are some of the features offered by DigiGreet Visitor Management System for the un-staffed reception.


1. Pre-registration

The DigiGreet visitor management system allows visitors and contractors to pre-register themselves before arriving on-site. As a business, you just have to send them a pre-registration link where visitors can pre-fill their details to ensure a faster check-in process.  This can include instructions and hints that they’ll be on their own when they arrive.

2. Offer site permits

Another excellent feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system is the permit functionality. Using this function, businesses can provide their contractors with site permits that they can complete from their home or office. It also ensures higher security from the business point of view, as permits can be an essential element when accessing the facility.

3. Visitor badges

To offer a unique and lasting experience for your visitors, you can provide them with personalized badges on arrival at the facility. These badges can include your business logo, visitor photo, and other personal details, thus offering your visitors and contractors a more personalized experience with the business. The badges are printed and cut automatically so really easy for the visitor to use.

4. Staff Calling

You can link DigiGreet to you phones to allow visitors to speak to their host once they’ve signed in. We offer secondary numbers in cases where the host’s number is not answered and we can even show individual host messages so visitors are told specific information for that member of staff. Staff have their own portal so can keep this information up to date themselves.

Final Thoughts

While there are several excellent functionalities offered by the DigiGreet Visitor Management System, we are still not sure how to say unmanned reception in a gender-neutral way. Maybe “Really Relaxed Reception”?

If you have any suggestions, they are more than welcome.

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