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How does a visitor management system work

How does a visitor management system work

Posted: 15 Jan '2024 by Mia Williams

Visitor management process 

As we all know, first impressions are important and are formed within the first 7 seconds. As the guest arrives, DigiGreet creates a clean, professional and easy to use visitor management system which helps ensure safety requirements are met by asking important safety questions and verifying work permits on arrival. This intelligent software then creates an automatic notification to the host that their visitor has arrived and the host has the ability to send them a customised message. For example: I’m currently on the 103rd floor, as I make my way down, feel free to help yourself to a drink. This easy to use system means that whether or not your company has a receptionist: your guest will not be left at reception standing there like a lemon. Instead, they will receive a warm welcome via a personalised digital system. 

Here’s a visitor management example, to help explain what a visitor management system is and can do: visitor management systems primary job is to greet visitors digitally and share any important information and ask any necessary questions. However, DigiGreet pushes to implement many helpful features that go above and beyond simply creating a smooth guest experience. A key example of this is shown through the evacuation feature where a live MIS register is available from any device connected to a browser meaning in case of a fire evacuation teachers can quickly know which students arrived late or early to make sure each child is safe. To learn more about this, click here

Types of visitor management system

DigiGreet offers four different packages: lite, pro, enterprise and contractor management. To find out more about what these packages offer, click here

Are you ready to hear the good news?! No need to spend your precious storage on a visitor management app, you can connect to DigiGreet on any device that can connect to a browser like chrome or firefox. There are no visitor management system requirements to install our system, we collaborate with Paxton, a leading industry door sign in system, this allows your guests to sign in using a personalised fob which registers which doors they have entered at which times. Therefore, in case of a fire, the fire marshal's can see exactly who is where at that specific time. This also has a feature which allows your company to deactivate fobs after a certain time period. For example: someone who comes in for a few hours just to change a light bulb. This means there are no security breaches if that worker accidentally forgets to return their fob after they have finished for the day. DigiGreet also allows you to give access specifically tailored to the visitors needs so they are able to enter all the spaces they are expected to be working in. But, if they are not working in the lab, for example, then they will not be given access which again avoids security breaches and helps to keep everyone safe. 

Overall, this briefly outlines how a visitor management system works whilst hinting at a few of the features DigiGreet brings to the table, if you want to find out more and request a demo, click here 

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