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Hybrid Working  Booking a Desk for Your Day in the Office

Hybrid Working Booking a Desk for Your Day in the Office

Posted: 19 Nov '2021 by JP

With the Covid-19 vaccination programs running at full speed, several businesses are expecting to return to physical workspaces sooner rather than later.

Most of these companies are looking to implement a hybrid work model, where employees can split their time between working at home and working in the office. With offices expected to reopen soon, it is time for organisations to start making plans for a safe return for employees.

Work spaces are expected to look different as employees return to offices as companies are expected to reconfigure their office spaces to support the safety guidelines around social distancing, capacity limits, and cleaning and disinfection. The concept of an employee having a permanent desk, therefore, goes out of the window if that employee is not full time at the office. To manage this, organisations are turning cubicles and desks into common workplaces which anyone can reserve for the day.

This is where a visitor management system with a desk booking feature comes into play. In this article, we will discuss an efficient solution that allows employees to book a desk for a day in the office that has implemented a hybrid working model.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The DigiGreet visitor management system is an efficient solution that allows employees to book their desks for a day. Notably, the visitor management system from DigiGreet already offers a feature that allows staff and employees to book rooms for meetings and other things. The same system can be used for booking the desk as well.

In a hybrid working space, offering employees such a feature becomes crucial for organisations, as they know exactly where employees are based and what spare capacity they have. Moreover, allowing them to book their desk before coming to the workplace also ensures minimal movement within the office. This will allow organizations to better maintain social distancing requirements during the implementation of a hybrid working model.

Apart from desk booking, the DigiGreet visitor management system also offers a host of other features such as the Covid-19 questionnaire, which organisations can send to their employees to assess risk and audit compliance. Additionally, the system also provides features such as badge printing, pre-registration for visitors, and scanning of Covid passes.

Final Thoughts

The hybrid working model is the future with most companies opting to implement the model as they return to physical workspaces. In light of hybrid working, it therefore, becomes necessary to offer employees the right set of tools that can offer them peace of mind right from the get-go. To know more about the DigiGreet visitor management system get in touch with us today.


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