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Need an easy purpose built School visitor management system?

Need an easy purpose built School visitor management system?

Posted: 3 Dec '2021 by JP

The need to create a safe and secure school premise has multiplied several times in the Covid-19 era. With schools around the world reopening and students and staff members coming back to the premises, management has to ensure the safety of everyone inside the school.

From knowing the status of students and staff to ensuring that only authorized visitors can access the premises, efficient visitor management can help the school management in times of Covid-19. In this article, we will discuss an efficient visitor management system that can help schools in the Covid-19 era.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System for Schools

The DigiGreet Visitor Management System is a modern solution for schools. Our visitor management solution provides schools with all the necessary features that allow the management to keep track of everyone inside the school premises, including visitors, students, and staff.

The visitor management system also provides management with the Covid-19 questionnaire, which helps to identify students and staff that are coming inside the premises who are at risk, management can also get details about the number of students and staff coming to the facility.

Keeps Track of Not Just Students and Staff but Visitors as Well

The visitor management system is not just for keeping track of students and staff. It also allows the school management to keep track of visitors entering the premises. From badge printing to pre-registration, the system offers several features to the schools which ensure that all the visitors are validated, which in return improves the safety and security of students and staff members inside the premises. 

Affordable Pricing

DigiGreet has an amazing schools rate, for instance, the pricing of the DigiGreet visitor management system for schools in covid times starts for as low as £5 per month, even the bells and whistles version only goes up to £15 per month. We have a simple feature comparison table to help you decide the features that your school needs.

Final Thoughts

Parents are faced with several fears when sending their kids to schools in Covid time. Therefore, to assure parents that their kids are well-protected, management should review access and implement the best visitor management system. The DigiGreet visitor management system is the best! To know more about the DigiGreet visitor management system, get in touch with us today.

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