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Our effective integration of safeguarding into school communities

Our effective integration of safeguarding into school communities

Posted: 19 Oct '2022 by Mia Williams


Our Effective Integration of Safeguarding into School Communities

The Scottish government has recently announced their intention to build 117 new schools within the next 10 years. The predominant aim of this Future Program is to create 117 new schools that are well: managed, designed and maintained. The Scottish Government, with the help of local authorities, is working hard to make sure this program delivers effective and efficient schools. Furthermore, through the accessibility to community facilities; schools are being encouraged to develop and make use of the digital technology available to boost their efficiency. They are also encouraging parental involvement; the combination of these factors should foster a positive relationship between the wider community and schools. 

Results of The Program

Whilst starting to implement these ideals through this project, it has been evident that the link between public facilities, including: cafes, libraries and leisure, and students has had an enriching effect on the student journey and their integration within the community. The social deprivation initiated by the pandemic has meant this focus on the students wellbeing and integration into the community has been overall really beneficial towards improving general morale and mental wellbeing. This is a positive representation of the possibilities of the future school communities in Scotland if these values continue to be developed. 


DigiGreet Effective Integration of Safeguarding into School Communities

With schools in Scotland becoming more and more community-driven, it is no secret that the Digigreet safeguarding system would turn out to be a game changer enabling the schools to keep on track of who is visiting the school site. With the DigiGreet school management system, schools can implement effective safety measures that can assist staff, students, and visitors ensuring a smooth and hassle free visit. Notably, the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy of Education Scotland states that the interest and well-being of the students must be prioritized and should be given utmost attention, DigiGreet school systems are designed with this same priority in mind. 


The DigiGreet school management system is designed to ensure the well-being of the students. Furthermore, the school management system is developed considering the GDPR and safeguarding compliance. The rise of community-focused schools in Scotland means that school management systems have become crucial to ensuring an accurate awareness of visitors on the premises. While there are paper-based systems, the digital management system offered by DigiGreet ensures that the entire process is seamless.

The DigiGreet visitor management system provides visitors with a pre-registration feature and badges, therefore providing smooth entry inside the premises. Furthermore, the visitor management system accurately records the entry and exit of the visitors, therefore helping school management to know exactly who is present at any given point inside the school premises.

The school management system offers many features, which successfully demonstrate helpful safeguarding measures. If you are looking for an effective school management system, then get in touch with DigiGreet today.


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