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Potential Validation of Covid Pass through DigiGreet

Potential Validation of Covid Pass through DigiGreet

Posted: 25 Aug '2021 by Ed

Starting 11th November 2021, everyone visiting a care home including care home workers is required to be fully vaccinated, unless they are exempt under the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

These regulations from the UK Government ensure that a visitor or staff member does not enter the indoor premises unless they have been fully vaccinated. Notably, the authorities are making use of the Covid Pass that shows that anyone who is visiting the care home is doubled jabbed or not.

DigiGreet Potentially Simplifying a Complicated Process

Checking the Covid Pass of every visitor and staff member is a complicated and time-consuming process for care homes in the United Kingdom. The manual check if the visitor, contractor or staff member has been doubled jabbed or not might also lead to potential security issues. Therefore, to simplify the process, DigiGreet is looking into a potential solution that will allow care homes to validate covid passes using the DigiGreet Visitor Management system.

This solution, if successful, will help care homes a great deal in ensuring seamless access to care homes by fully vaccinated visitors. At the same time, the system will also allow care homes to save a lot of manual effort and avoid potential security issues. By automating the validation of the Covid Pass, care homes can create a seamless visitor experience, while enhancing security measures. Here are some of the other features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

DigiGreet visitor management system offers a friendly solution to keep track of your visitors, contractor and staff. The electronic logbook comes with several efficient and much-needed features to increase the security of your facility.

1. Pre-registration

The DigiGreet visitor management system allows visitors to pre-register themselves using the link. This feature ensures seamless access to different facilities, including schools and corporate offices.

2. Visitor Badges

DigiGreet visitor management system allows you to print badges for your visitors, therefore, giving everyone on-site an assurance that the visitor is legit and validated to have access to the facility. Moreover, since you can also print the visitor photo on the badge, it improves their overall experience.

3. Integration with Access Control System

DigiGreet visitor management system integrates seamlessly with Paxton's access control system. This integration with the access control system help in improving the overall security measures inside the facility, while allowing visitors with seamless access to different areas within the facility.

Final Thoughts

DigiGreet is still looking into the development of a potential solution that can help validate the covid pass through the visitor management system. While DigiGreet works on the out of the box solution, take a look at an efficient and effective visitor management system that offers a feature-rich solution.

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