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QR Code Sign In System

QR Code Sign In System

Posted: 16 Jul '2021 by Ed Williams

The visitor experience has become a pressing issue for businesses across industry verticals.

The reason being, a visitor experience when entering business premises can make or break the deal. For instance, lengthy queues at the reception can delay the meeting, a complicated paper-based sign in process can lead to wasted time, and being forced to come into close contact with others can result in risk, not to mention the impression you are giving to the visitor.

Such problems can arise regardless of the size of your business but having a QR code-based sign in process can streamline the visitor flow, while offering a memorable experience to the visitors and guests. In this article, we will discuss the QR code sign in system and the benefits of using it at your workplace.

QR Code Sign In System

A QR code sign in system for workplaces, including schools and businesses, is a digital solution that allows visitors and contractors to access the business premises safely and efficiently. Before arriving at the reception desk, visitors and contractors are provided with a unique QR code having registered from any screen with internet such as a phone, tablet or PC at work or home. Visitors can either use the unique QR code at reception to sign in, or, for organisations with Access Control, such as Paxton Net 2, they can show their QR code to door readers* to get access.  

As businesses return to physical workplaces in this pandemic era, the QR code sign in system offers a more safe, efficient, and reliable way to access the business premises and particularly works well for organisations with multiple buildings or areas.

Benefits of QR Code Sign In System

1. Contactless sign in for Covid-19 safety

The sign-in process enabled by the QR code check-in system can prevent unnecessary crowding in the reception area while ensuring a smooth flow of pre-approved visitors. But the biggest advantage offered by the QR code-based sign-in process is the contactless way of gaining access to the business facility, which also reduces the risk of contracting coronavirus disease.

In addition, digital visitor management systems allow the administration to keep a tab on the number of people inside the business premises at any given point in time. Therefore, ensuring that social distancing measures are being followed.

2. Eliminates touching of common surfaces

The contactless sign-in process offered by the QR code sign in system also ensures that visitors can avoid touching common surfaces. Without a QR code sign in system, touching shared surfaces is bound to happen as visitors sign in on the tablet or touch screen. The beauty of the QR code approach is the visitor uses their own phone screen.

3. Cost effective approach for multiple areas

If you have multiple areas or zones, having a screen at each one can get expensive so another approach is to have a QR code at the entry to each area you’d like to track, visitors then scan the QR code to sign into the area and continue to do this as they move between areas.

Final Thoughts

QR code sign-in system offers a more efficient and professional experience for your visitors and contractors. With the multitude of benefits that it has to offer in times of the global pandemic, having a contactless sign-in process is a must-have for businesses returning to physical workplaces. If you are looking for an efficient QR code-based sign-in process for signing in or opening doors, DigiGreet offers an affordable and feature-rich solution.

  • Requires a QR code reader
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