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Safety Are Remote Workers on Site or Working from Home?

Safety Are Remote Workers on Site or Working from Home?

Posted: 12 Nov '2021 by Ed

The global pandemic has highlighted the dire need for a hybrid working model which organisations can implement in their offices.

Notably, hybrid working is not only sensible from a health and safety point of view, in times of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is equally crucial to offer employees and staff members flexibility in the way they work.

While there are several benefits of adopting a hybrid workplace, there are certain challenges associated as well. For instance, not knowing which employee is working remotely and who is present on-site. This is where an efficient visitor management system such as DigiGreet comes into the picture.

In this article, we will discuss how the DigiGreet visitor management system can help organisations in ensuring the safety of their employees.

Zones for better management of remote workers

The DigiGreet visitor management system allows organisations and offices to set up zones, allowing the person-in-charge to know who is where. This is very important from the health and safety perspective, as defining zones can help employees avoid high use areas within the premises.

Using the zones can therefore be a helpful tool in a company’s health and safety arsenal if you are operating a hybrid working model.

Additionally, when workers arrive, they can sign in using the DigiGreet visitor management system and colleague will know that they are working in the office.

If required, remote workers can also use the zones feature to sign into the home zone. This will help the person-in-charge know who is present on-site and who is working from home and clarify that they are “at work”.

The zones feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system is quite simple to use, employees are not required to download anything on their systems or mobile devices. The system is browser-based and straight forward to use.

Other features offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system

In addition to the excellent zones feature for remote workers, the DigiGreet visitor management system also offers a host of exciting features for organisations and schools. Some of the most notable features include pre-registration functionality for visitors, a document management portal, Covid-19 questionnaire, auto reception, and integration with an access control system such as Paxton Net 2.

All of these feature offerings from the visitor management system make it a must-have solution for modern-day businesses and schools and that too at the most affordable pricing when compared to other visitor management solutions available in the market.

Final Thoughts

The DigiGreet visitor management system is often the most feature-rich, cost-efficient solution, which can be scaled as per the business requirements. If you are looking to offer your remote workers the zones features and want to know about it in much more detail, get in touch with the DigiGreet team today.

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