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Staff Room and Facilities Booking System for Hybrid Working

Staff Room and Facilities Booking System for Hybrid Working

Posted: 5 Jan '2022 by Ed

DigiGreet has an easy and simple cloud based room or desk booking system

Visitor management systems are a great digital solution to improve the experience of all visitors coming into the business facility or school premises but the DigiGreet use case is not just limited to visitor management. Instead, our innovative tool provides a lot of different functions and features that can help any organisation or school to improve their overall workflow process as well as the productivity of their employees.

One such efficient feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system is room and desk booking. In this article, we will discuss how businesses can make use of our room booking feature.

DigiGreet Room Booking Feature

The room booking feature offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system allows employees to book meeting rooms well in advance, thereby eliminating last-minute hassle. Moreover, the system provides an overview of which rooms or desks are booked and which rooms are available.

This ensures proper workflow wherein everyone is informed regarding the situation of the rooms inside the business facility. Moreover, in the hybrid workplace, the room booking feature allows the organisation to keep a tab on which room is being used, by whom and when. This real-time data can play a key role in managing a hybrid workplace and also helps inform staff on occupancy rates and whether or not it's sensible to travel to the office on the day in question.

Additionally, the room booking feature keeps all the participants informed on details such as where and when the meeting has been scheduled. In other words, it removes the miscommunication element, which can often cost your organisation more than you can imagine.

Book Desks Using the Room Booking Feature

In addition to booking rooms for meeting purposes, the room booking feature can also be used as a desk booking feature, thereby allowing employees to reserve their desks before coming to the business facility.

With more and more businesses expected to adopt a hybrid working model, the feature becomes an important one for all employees, as it can help them decide whether they should visit the office or continue working from home, in case if any of the desks are not available.

Final Thoughts

The DigiGreet visitor management system is the only solution that you are going to need when it comes to improving the visitor experience and efficiently managing the internal workflow processes. If you are still not convinced, do not take our word for it, instead, ask for a demo and see for yourself. Get in touch with us today, if you want to know more about the DigiGreet visitor management system.

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