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Step By Step Guide To Covid Pass Verification in Care Homes

Step By Step Guide To Covid Pass Verification in Care Homes

Posted: 5 Nov '2021 by Ed

Effective 11 November 2021, all CQC-registered care homes in the United Kingdom will have to conduct covid pass verification before allowing staff, visitors, and contractors entry inside the care home. With the DigiGreet as the only visitor management system offering the covid pass verification feature, it becomes easier for care homes to automate the verification process.

In this article, we will discuss how care homes can conduct the covid pass verification using the DigiGreet visitor management system.

Step By Step Guide To Covid Pass Verification in Care Homes

With the covid pass verification feature, DigiGreet allows care homes with the ability to provide better safeguarding by offering seamless verification of the NHS covid pass. The following is a step-by-step guide for covid pass verification in care homes.

1. Contractors (and Visitors if you want) arriving at the care home are simply asked to scan their covid pass, which can either be on the NHS app on their phone or on paper.

2. The visitor management system offered by DigiGreet then scans and checks the validity of the covid pass using the camera.

3. Once the system scans and checks the covid pass, the visitor management system remembers the expiry dates of the covid passes.

4. The visitor management system won’t ask for the covid pass details again until it expires when it will go through the process again.

As the DigiGreet visitor management system automates the complete covid pass verification process in care homes, it saves a lot of staff time and resources freeing your staff for more important work. Not only does this save money, but it ensures there’s no human error, all passes are checked and when they expire, they are checked again, no mistakes.

The DigiGreet visitor management system is the first and only solution to offer the ability to scan covid passes and manage them efficiently, without any human intervention.

Excellent Features at Competitive Pricing

With such an excellent set of features included in DigiGreet visitor management system, you would be wondering if it would cost you a fortune for your care home?

The complete opposite is true. The DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in the market. The pricing of the DigiGreet visitor management system starts for as low as £5 per month for businesses with 1 – 10 staff. The pricing increases if you need access to more enhanced features such as visitor and contractor fob scanning, badge printing, and others.

Final Thoughts

Checking covid passes manually is expected to be a tedious and cumbersome process for care homes. Moreover, manual processes have the potential for human error. With the DigiGreet visitor management system, care homes can automate the covid pass verification process and offer a seamless check-in process for staff, contractors, and visitors alike. To know more about the DigiGreet Visitor Management System and the various features offered, get in touch with us today.

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