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The use of a Visitor Management System in India with Covid 19

The use of a Visitor Management System in India with Covid 19

Posted: 31 May '2021 by Yogesh

With the recent coronavirus outbreak in India, the visitor management system becomes more important than ever before for businesses.

Organizations need to understand which visitors are coming onto their site and have to ensure that they are following Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of their contractors and employees. This is where using a visitor management system in a country like India can help organizations across different industry verticals.

In this article, we will discuss using a visitor management system in India and how it can reduce the spread of Covid-19.

How Visitor Management Systems in India Can Reduce The Spread of Coronavirus?

Digital visitor management systems like DigiGreet can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. This is because your staff members can keep track of everyone coming into your workplace. Using a visitor management system in India is highly effective during a pandemic like this for several reasons. For instance,

  1. You can ask visitors if they have symptoms, tests or vacinations and manage them according to their responses.
  2. It can help in better management of foot traffic in your reception area.
  3. It can help visitors to better navigate the premises quickly and therefore, reducing their time spent inside the workplace.
  4. It can help businesses to protect the workplace from unauthorized visitors who can transmit Covid-19 infection to employees and other staff members.

In addition to this, a visitor management system can also provide Indian organizations with the ability to assess the risk of infection from everyone who is entering the premises.

Visitor Management System India Features To Limit Covid-19 Exposure

1. Reduce Covid-19 Exposure with Visitor Screening

The business reception area is the first line of defense for the organization to contain the spread of coronavirus outbreaks in their workplace. Therefore, before visitors, contractors, or even staff members enter the workplace, it becomes important to screen them to prevent infected people from entering. Using a visitor management system, organizations can screen their visitors effectively and thus reduce the Covid-19 exposure.

2. Reduce Covid-19 Exposure with Contactless Signing

In the pre-coronavirus era, digital visitor management solutions contributed towards the elimination of the paper sign-in process. However, in the post-coronavirus era, the digital visitor management system will contribute to the health and safety of employees and visitors. Using the contactless sign-in process offered by the DigiGreet visitor management system, organizations can allow visitors to use their own phones to sign in therefore, reducing Covid-19 exposure via a touch screen.

3. Reduce Covid-19 Exposure with Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is important when it comes to reducing the spread of coronavirus. A visitor management system provides you with data that can be used in your contact tracing strategy. Because the system keeps track and details of everyone who visited the workplace at a certain time, it becomes easier for businesses to notify visitors and contractors to isolate themselves, if they came in contact with an infected person.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to mitigate the risk of coronavirus infection at your workplace in India or anywhere else, using a visitor management system can be your best defense. From reducing exposure to Covid-19 to contact tracing, the DigiGreet visitor management system provides you with everything you need to be safe and responsible.

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