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Visitor Badges and the Benefits of Badges for Visitors

Visitor Badges and the Benefits of Badges for Visitors

Posted: 28 Jul '2021 by Yogesh

A lot of people come and go into your business premises with work-related activities. But allowing only authorized visitors to access your workplace is crucial for the safety of everyone so offering badges make your visitor recognizable is worth considering. At DigiGreet, we can provide businesses with visitor badges templates to help them design their badges and make their workplace more secure and safe for everyone. In this article, we will discuss visitor badges and the benefits of offering badges to visitors.

What Are Visitor Badges?

Businesses and schools often make use of badges to identify their visitors and employees. Some organisations across different industry verticals make it mandatory for employees to wear a badge.

Visitor badges are only generated when a person has successfully signed in so they serve as a great security measure that will prevent unwanted visitors or contractors from entering the premises or workplace building and go un-challenged as they walk around. With the help of our Security Questions with visitor badges, businesses can also ensure that anyone who is entering the building is screened for health to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. These visitor badges can be valid for multiple use or used for just a single visit.

In simple words, visitor badges serve as authenticated identity cards, while providing visitors easy and safe access to the workplace, office or school. DigiGreet provides businesses and schools with visitor badges templates that can be customized to your business requirements.

Benefits of Visitor Badges

1. Security

Businesses often have various entry and exit points. Thus, it becomes easy for the intruder to enter a building unnoticed. If an intruder is not wearing a visitor badge, it comes simpler for security staff to identify such individuals who are looking to access different areas of the workplace. By offering badges to your visitors, everyone gets to know who is who, especially when the photo is also printed on the badge. This also improves the experience of genuine visitors.

2. Validity

Adding dates to visitor badges is a crucial element to ensure maximum security for your workplace. When your business adds a date to the badge, it will prevent visitors from using the previously received badge to access the workplace at some other time in the future. It means that you can allow visitors access to the facility only when signed in and current.

3. Branding

When you provide your visitors with badges you can print your business logo and name thus creating a professional image of your company. It helps in creating a great impression on the visitors. Besides that, you can also add barcodes to the visitor badges. If badges are used multiple times, adding a barcode allows the badge to be scanned making it easy to come and go. This also makes fake badges more difficult enhancing your building security even more.

Final Thoughts

DigiGreet provides you with visitor badges that you can offer to your visitors. From enhancing security to offering great first impressions, visitor badges serve various purposes for your organization so why not have a think about them and get in touch if you need any more information.

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