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Visitor management features

Visitor management features

Posted: 15 Dec '2023 by Mia Williams

Visitor management features

In this blog I am going to start off by outlining the objectives of a visitor management system followed through with a brief overview of some of the key features DigiGreet (our visitor management system) offers.


Objectives of a visitor management system 


The objectives of a visitor management system encompass several crucial aspects that significantly enhance the efficiency of your business or educational institution. These objectives encompass welcoming and ensuring the comfort of visitors while also overseeing the completion of essential safety protocols by the organisation. This holistic approach aims to guarantee a seamless and secure experience for all visitors.

Our system, fully compliant with GDPR regulations, plays a pivotal role in maintaining on-site safety by minimising the potential for security breaches. This level of security cannot be achieved using traditional pen and paper methods. Additionally, the system streamlines fire evacuation procedures, ensuring simplicity and efficiency in emergency situations.

Visitor management features:

  • Asset management feature:

DigiGreet's asset management feature simplifies the process of tracking various equipment for example: laptops, lab keys, and projectors. Configuring the system is straightforward, eliminating the need for managing multiple spreadsheets manually.

To utilise the system, add your assets to DigiGreet, which generates a unique Barcode/QR Code for each item. Affix the code to the asset, and tracking becomes effortless. Scanning the barcode with DigiGreet's barcode scanner records the borrower's information. Upon return, another scan registers the item's safe receipt.

This system saves time by replacing manual tracking. DigiGreet maintains an accessible record of asset borrowing, and detailed reports are available at any point. These reports provide information about the current asset holder and its borrowing history.

DigiGreet's asset management feature is adaptable. It can be applied to monitor other items like fire extinguishers for pressure or freezers for temperature checks. This user-friendly customization ensures data accuracy.

Experience the ease and efficiency of DigiGreet's asset management feature. Regardless of your business's size, this tool offers streamlined organisation and tracking capabilities for your equipment. This feature highlights one of the many benefits of a visitor management system. 

  • Auto reception feature: 

DigiGreet introduces an innovative feature for unmanned receptions, combining visitor management with a staff calling function. This solution is ideal for situations where there's no staff present or they don't have a designated welcome role. When visitors sign in using DigiGreet, they're greeted with a welcome page featuring a message from their host and a "Call Me" button, facilitating direct communication. Staff can even set up a backup number if they're not at their desk. This feature creates a warm and efficient environment, enhancing visitor experiences without significant costs. DigiGreet's approach streamlines reception processes, making a positive and professional impression on guests and contractors alike. This advancement sets a new industry standard, improving reception management and overall business efficiency.

  • Automatic sign out feature:


DigiGreet offers automatic signout features to address situations where individuals forget to sign out upon leaving premises. There are multiple approaches for managing this:

  • Manual Approach: If a receptionist is present, they can manually tick the signout box for individuals who forget to do so themselves.

  • Automated Approaches: a. Facilities Manager Notification: The system can email a facilities manager to check if a visitor or contractor has left, based on a predefined trigger point set in the system settings. This trigger point can be a certain number of hours after arrival or a specific time, suitable for companies with set closing times or shift-based operations. b. Customizable Instructions: Instructions and trigger points can be customised for different roles (visitors, contractors, staff) and purposes. c. Automatic Sign Out: In the absence of available staff, the system can automatically sign out individuals after a designated time period. Notifications can be sent to administrators or hosts regarding the automatic signout.

This feature is particularly beneficial for organisations without the resources for manual oversight or those in high-risk zones. It ensures accurate record-keeping and a fresh start for the next day's activities. DigiGreet's comprehensive signout solution contributes to efficient visitor management.

  • Customising text feature:

DigiGreet's Visitor Management System offers full text customization, providing users with the ability to rewrite or change the language of displayed content. This customization extends to buttons, labels, and terms used throughout the system. The system's home page builder allows flexible design, accommodating varied preferences. Whether users wish to differentiate between visitor types or rename categories, such as changing "Contractor" to "Freelancer," the system supports these changes.

The registration page is enhanced with three additional custom fields, enabling tailored information collection beyond standard fields like mobile, car, and company details. This feature allows users to gather specific data unique to their needs, such as permit numbers.

In response to a user request, the system introduces a colour-coded distinction for staff signing in through fobbing or name entry. This allows quick differentiation at a glance, enhancing staff management efficiency.

While the admin interface is currently available only in English, the company has plans to expand language options based on user demand. DigiGreet remains committed to user satisfaction and is open to prioritising new features based on user input.

  • Fire drill and evacuations feature: 

DigiGreet streamlines fire drills and evacuations by offering a user-friendly web-based solution accessible from any device with a web browser. Fire marshals can access the evacuation and fire drill page via a secure link, eliminating the need for app installations. The checklist is password protected, and marshals are granted access using a password or hint.

Upon accessing the checklist, the following features are available:

  • Highlighting individuals needing accessible assistance.

  • Displaying names, host details, visitor information, and additional data.

  • Including mobile numbers, departments, company names, staff emails, and zones for multiple buildings.

  • Allowing customization of order (arrival time, alphabetical, visitor type).

  • Facilitating time recording for evacuation completion.

  • Storing and reviewing drill data within the admin panel.

This advanced, dynamic system offers unparalleled functionality, making it a standout solution for emergency preparedness. For schools, the system even tracks late arrivals and early departures of pupils. DigiGreet's commitment to fire drill safety ensures a comprehensive, efficient, and customizable evacuation experience. For further details, interested parties are encouraged to reach out for more information.

  • Student attendance feature:


DigiGreet's visitor management system provides a comprehensive solution for schools to manage late students and early leavers during emergencies. Unlike traditional attendance systems, DigiGreet allows schools to track pupil attendance exceptions efficiently. By having pupils sign in, similar to visitors and staff, the system captures details like the person responsible for them and the reason for lateness or early departure.

Visitor management system example: Here's an illustrative instance of a visitor management system in action: Imagine a scenario where the school fire alarm is activated. With the aid of DigiGreet, every teacher gains access to an up-to-date MIS register through any device that has browser connectivity. This enables them to identify students who might have departed prematurely or arrived tardily, thus contributing to a secure and organised evacuation process. For additional information on this functionality, click here.

The system's fire drill page, accessible on smartphones or tablets without app installation, plays a crucial role. During fire drills or emergencies, this page highlights pupil exceptions, instantly showing staff who are present but not on the official school register, and who are absent despite being on the register. DigiGreet ensures quick and easy access to this vital information, enhancing emergency response capabilities and overall pupil safety.


Staff portal: 


DigiGreet's Staff Portal offers selective access to specific functions within the visitor management system. Designed for efficiency, this portal allows staff to perform certain tasks independently, reducing the workload on main administrators. The key tasks accessible to staff through the portal are:

  • Editing and Adding Personal Details: Staff can update their contact information, ensuring accuracy for visitor notifications. This feature allows them to manage their emails, phone numbers, and passwords conveniently, saving administrative efforts.

  • Messaging Visitors: Staff can craft default or personalised messages for their visitors. This dynamic feature enhances communication by providing relevant instructions or updates, such as meeting locations or availability.

  • Meeting Room Booking and Management: Staff can independently reserve and modify meeting room bookings, avoiding the need for main administrators' involvement. This empowers staff to control their own scheduling needs.

DigiGreet's Staff Portal serves as a valuable tool to optimise staff engagement and streamline specific operational tasks within the visitor management system.

  • Visitor feedback feature: 


DigiGreet recognizes the importance of visitor feedback in enhancing customer service and offers an intuitive feedback system. This system allows visitors to easily rate their experiences and provide additional comments, promoting seamless communication.

Administrators can customise the feedback scale, tailoring it to their needs. Whether a simple rating or a more complex scale, flexibility is provided. Adding a personalised touch, administrators can even include their own images, adding humour or creativity to the process.

Optional comments provide valuable insights for improvement and recognizing exceptional service moments. With DigiGreet's feedback system, businesses can fine-tune services based on gathered data, consistently striving for customer satisfaction.

This feature enhances customer service, fostering stronger connections and leaving a positive impression on visitors. By providing a user-friendly platform for feedback, DigiGreet empowers organisations to elevate their customer service and create lasting impressions.

  • Zones feature: 

DigiGreet's Zone Management feature addresses the challenge of overseeing safety and security across multiple buildings or distinct risk areas within a single location. This intelligent solution offers efficient tracking of personnel, ensuring their safety in diverse working environments.

Whether dealing with separate buildings on a site or distinct risk zones within a facility, DigiGreet's Zone Management provides an effective strategy. The system automatically registers visitors to the specific building they enter. As individuals move between zones, the system seamlessly signs them out of the old zone and into the new one in real-time.

Administrators can monitor personnel movement through self-refreshing security user pages, maintaining an up-to-date overview of on-site individuals and their respective zones. DigiGreet's intuitive process simplifies sign-in and out while accurately recording zone transitions.

This feature enhances safety protocols, streamlines emergency response, and increases overall efficiency. With its adaptability and user-friendliness, DigiGreet's Zone Management stands as a valuable tool for businesses aiming to manage safety comprehensively across diverse areas. By implementing this feature, organisations ensure the well-being of their most valuable assets: their personnel.


Types of visitor management systems: we offer four primary classifications—Lite, Pro, Enterprise, and Document Management. The Document Management category is particularly tailored for larger companies housing numerous employees, addressing the administrative aspect of visitor management system documentation. Explore these distinct choices by clicking here to determine the most fitting selection for your company or school's needs.


In this blog, I aimed to highlight a few of the many visitor management features DigiGreet offers, as well as outlining the objectives of a visitor management system and a few of the benefits as well as an example. 

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