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Visitors Passes Guide What Are Visitor Passes and Why

Visitors Passes Guide What Are Visitor Passes and Why

Posted: 10 Aug '2021 by Ed

If your business deals with a large influx of contractors and visitors every day, you might be aware of the security and management risks that go along with that. This is especially true for businesses with multiple points of entry. For this reason, visitor passes are vital from a safety and security point of view.

In this visitors passes guide, we will discuss visitor passes and the different purposes that they serve.

What Are Visitor Passes?

We all have an rough idea of what visitor passes or visitor badges are but for clarity, these are printed pieces of paper or card on which office/site visitors have their names and other relevant information printed. Time and again visitor passes have been used by businesses or schools to increase security and control access by identifying visitors and contractors entering the facility. But many businesses still do not use visitor passes and simply make their visitors use a paper-based sign-in process. This approach can cost businesses a great deal in terms of the security and safety of their employees and is the key reason to use visitor passes.

What Purpose Does Visitor Passes Serve?

Visitor passes are an efficient way to confirm that your visitors present on the business premises have correctly signed in which may include security checks. Visitors wearing the badge show everyone else that they are an authorised visitor. The identification of visitors is not the only motivation behind making your visitors wear a badge. Here are some of the key purposes served by visitor passes.

1. Enhanced security

Visitor passes are an efficient way to add security to your business premises. When organisations issue their visitors with a badge, they are ensuring that no unauthorized people are present on site.

2. Granular identification purposes

In secure offices, schools, and manufacturing sites, management has to adhere to additional regulations. Within the DigiGreet Visitor Management system it is possible to add icons/letters based on the sign in process which then allows staff to see via their badge what they may, or may not be authorized to do. For example, you could ask contractors about the type of work they are doing on site, if they are working at heights then you can make sure that anyone running around with a ladder has the working at heights letter on their badge. If they are a visitor, and have said they are visiting the office, not the factory floor, their DigiGreet induction with apply to the office, so if you see them on the factory floor you know they need to go back and get the factory induction.

3. Emergency Purposes

Visitor passes or badges can also help to identify people available onsite in case of an emergency such as a fire. These badges when used to sign in, will record details of everyone onsite and therefore, will allow the evacuation team to ensure the safety of everyone within the business premise if a person is unconscious or not able to answer questions.

All of these reasons point towards the importance of visitor passes to ensure the safety and security of employees with the organization.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of using visitor passes or badges are obvious and there are several use cases that these visitors’ passes might serve for organizations. If you are looking to make your business premise safer and secure, DigiGreet is ideal. The modern-day visitor management system allows your organisations to provide your visitors and contractors with passes, so they can quickly sign in and access areas on the premises. If you want to know more about the DigiGreet visitor management system, get in touch today.

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