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Why You Should Replace Your Staff Signing In and Out Book

Why You Should Replace Your Staff Signing In and Out Book

Posted: 2 Feb '2021 by Ed Williams

Isn't your staff signing in and out book a little old fashioned?

The crazy thing is signing in books are not even that cheap now that GDPR has kicked in and we have to respect people's right to privacy. A typical signing in and out book on Amazon is £20 - £60 for 100 uses and if you have staff signing in and out correctly ie whenever they leave the building, you could use that up in no time. Not to mention having visitors signing in and out...

And what about contractors, if this really is a fire register, you certainly don't want the emergency services diving into a burning building only to descover the Bob the plumber's not in the building at all because he needed his trusty plumbers wrench from his van and was just collecting this when that old fashioned paper signing in book caught fire!

Did you say caught fire? You mean the signing in and out book's gone up in smoke?

Perhaps these books are made from fire retardent paper...Wouldn't it just be easier to be able to use your phone, with DigiGreet, our visitor management system runs on a browser, so there's nothing to install, just go to the link, type in the password that Bob in reception gave you, you know, the boss's dog, and in you go, tick people off by tapping the tickbox next to their name, give them a call if they're missing (as long as you ask them when they register - not you can ask visitors, staff and contractors different questions when they arrive and when they register) and you're all sorted,

Did I mention actually using the information? So Bob from accounts tells you that someone took the gold bar he's left on the table in reception by mistake. He only just realised it was missing and he put it there 99 days ago, he's a little forgetful like that. So you need to know who came in 99 days ago? Oh, and he thinks they were wearning a stripy top and he knows that one of your security questions to visitors and contractors when they arrive is what type of top are you wearing. Hang on, security questions? You don't have that in a staff signing in and out book, so how do you make sure health and safety, and security is covered ensuring you're looking after visitors, contractors and of course your own staff...

So I guess you get the picture, the signing in and out book is just not good enough to meet a company or school's needs in 2021, a visitor management system like DigiGreet isn't expensive, so it's a no brainer to take a look and see what you think...

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