If you have multiple buildings, or different areas of risk in your building, you may want to know who is where from safety point of view and their movement. blog

Zones  Multiple Buildings or Different Areas of Risk

Zones Multiple Buildings or Different Areas of Risk

Posted: 26 Jan '2022 by JP

Big corporations often have several buildings in their office premises, because of which employees from different teams are often spread across different buildings. This at times can make it difficult for the management to know who is where especially in case of any emergencies. Being said that, if there is only one building, having different areas is also important simply because of the risk each area might present.

It is, therefore, crucial for the organisation to define zones for separate buildings or for areas that significantly present risks for employees. In this article, we will discuss an efficient tool that can help businesses define zones.

DigiGreet Visitor Management System

The DigiGreet visitor management system provides businesses with a Zones feature that allows them to define different buildings or separate areas within the same building from the health and safety point of view. Having information on who is in which building is crucial when an emergency takes place, as the emergency is unlikely to happen at all the buildings at the same time. The Zones feature allows businesses to know in which building or area the particular employee is in, at the time of emergency, even if they keep on moving from one area or building to another.

How Does the Zones Feature Works?

The DigiGreet visitor management system manages zones in a way that when an employee signs in initially, the system signs them in the building they have entered. From thereon, when the employee moves from one zone to another, the system automatically signs out the employee from the old zone and into the new zone. This ensures that the employee is not in more than one zone at any given point in time.

Employees can move freely from one zone to another whenever they want. Using the DigiGreet visitor management system, admin users can see where all the employees are through the self-refreshing security user pages. This feature is especially crucial in times of emergency. The designated staff can view the evacuation list on their mobile devices, through which they can provide help to the needed personnel.

Final Thoughts

DigiGreet is an all-in-one visitor management that provides you with a feature-rich solution. From ensuring a seamless visitor experience to the safety of everyone on the premises, the DigiGreet visitor management system is one of the best tools that can offer several benefits to any organisation. If you are also looking to implement the zones feature in your office premises, get in touch with DigiGreet today to know more about the feature-rich solution

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